Explore the Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2022

Last year brought some of the most impressive smartphone releases of all time, and 2022 is poised to be no exception. This isn’t a surprising development, since the mobile market is growing at an impressive rate. Over 20 million new people get a smartphone each year, and the number of smartphone users worldwide is set to exceed 2.87 billion in 2022. As the number of smartphone users continues to grow around the globe, this industry is turning into a full-fledged bonanza. Close to 1.56 billion smartphones were sold in 2018 -2020, and roughly 10 billion mobile devices are currently in use.

Startling Facts about Smartphone

Smartphones officially outnumber humans, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of this booming industry. The global mobile ecosystem generates over $1.1 trillion annually, with over $500 billion going toward the global public sector. This translates to over 14 million jobs that range from app development to mobile device production. Even though these figures are impressive, the level of innovation it produces is even more remarkable.

Fueled by a shocking amount of competition, smartphones have no choice but to evolve. What used to be novel 5 years ago is now a common feature in low-end phones. 2019 -2021 ushered in folding phones, 5G networks and in-screen fingerprint sensors. While these features managed to steal the show, they are only paving the way for what’s to come. To showcase what’s on the horizon, we compiled a list of the most anticipated smartphones in 2022. Each device has its own dash of innovation, so prepare to be blown away by these upcoming releases!

Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2022

1. Smartphone #3: iPhone 12/iPhone SE3

iPhone 12
the year when Apple finally abandons its top bezel.

Even though Apple’s latest lineup made their debut somewhat recently, its fans are already clamouring for more. The internet is awash with rumours surrounding these releases, and their claims are well worth getting excited about. According to leakster Ben Geskin, Apple is planning on ditching the top-notch completely. This will entail embedding Apple’s TrueDepth camera system directly into an extremely narrow top bezel. No matter how they do it, ditching the predictable iPhone X shape is a welcome development. A 5G model is also in the making, so Apple’s 2022 lineup is going to exceed expectations!

2. Smartphone #2: Google Pixel 4a

Finally users will be able to purchase a good looking Google mobile device.

Given the wild success of the Pixel 3a, it’s no surprise that this looming release made our list. This device was such a hit that it’s inspiring Google to make their devices more visually appealing. Leaked photos show a noticeably more modern looking device. From slim bezels to punch out front-facing lenses, the Pixel 4a looks nothing like its counterparts. It’s about time Google equipped their devices with seductive designs since currently, it’s our only complaint against them. The Pixel 3a managed to single-handedly double Google’s number of sales last year, so keep your eyes open for its sexy sequel.

3. Smartphone #1: Galaxy Fold 2/Samsung Galaxy S22

Anticipated smartphones
This release may redefine how the public views foldable phones.

Even though Samsung failed to convert everyone to folding phones in 2019, their next offering Smartphones of 2022 may be the one that changes the game. The Korean tech giant took all of the first device’s issues into account and is relaunching a new folding phone in 2022. This next addition will allegedly provide a 6.7-inch folding display with 4 cameras for under $1,000. If Samsung manages to pull this off, quality foldable phones will actually be attainable for the average consumer. The implications of this release are absolutely massive, so we have to pray that this device launches without a hitch.