Cheapest Plan For Mobile

Get Cheapest Plan For Mobile From Optus

I went to the Optus site to find the cheapest mobile plan. Optus Australia has both prepaid and postpaid SIM-only plans. There is also a bundle plan if you want to buy a new phone. As I looked for SIM-only plans for my personal use, the $49 Optus Choice Plus plan suited me best. Why ... Read more

New SIM On Felix Mobile

How Can I Get A New SIM On Felix Mobile?

Felix Mobile is a new telecom service provider in Australia. Owned by TPG, Felix was launched in late 2020. With the Felix mobile app, you can easily get a new SIM on Felix mobile. Their simple SIM-only plan costs $25 per month and includes unlimited mobile data and standard talk + text in Australia. There ... Read more

Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

If you are looking for Australia’s cheapest mobile phone plans with free data to play pokies then there are many telcos out there to get the best plan.  To get the best deal, you usually have to choose a SIM Only plan, which means the plan does not come with a phone from a Mobile ... Read more

NBN - The Super Fast Network of Australia

NBN Network of Australia

Do you know that National Broadband Network (NBN) enables and enhances your lifestyle? Be it your home, business, health, education, sustainability and wealth? Let us see the general benefits of this technology and the cost of delivery. Let’s find out what are the advantages, how can you get connected and NBN Plans. What is the ... Read more

$5 roaming

Vodafone’s $5 Roaming Helps When Travelling

When you travel somewhere outside your nation’s boundaries your mobile starts pushing notifications about roaming and its charges. Making a call from overseas then becomes a costly affair. While travel packs or a local SIM can help you relieve the cash stress that you face on roaming charges. Vodafone offers $5 roaming option that caters to ... Read more

Postpaid or Prepaid Mobile

Postpaid or Prepaid Mobile – Which One is Better?

You must have seen that many telecom companies offer a range of mobile phone plans for customers like business plan, students plan, lease plans, internet or Wi fi plans or even international plans. But one thing common in all of these plans is that either they are prepaid plans or postpaid plans. Many a time ... Read more

Mobile Broadband Plans

Top 4 Mobile Broadband Plans in Australia

What is Mobile Broadband? Mobile broadband helps you to connect your devices to the broadband using the mobile network. Unlike your standard mobile phone plan, mobile broadband (also known as data-only) does not have the potential to call or send text messages. These offer only data plans. It includes only the data that you can ... Read more

Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile Plans and Which One to Have

Boost mobile plans depend on the offers. Boost is a prepaid provider and is a great fit if you do not like Telstra coverage. It has an amazing prepaid plan to match your needs. With no lock-in contracts, you can get great value plans from Boost Mobile, which is a reliable option for anyone looking ... Read more

How to choose mobile plan in Australia

Choose A Plan For Mobile When Visiting Australia

How to choose a plan for mobile if you are thinking of visiting Australia or reside in Australia? If you yet don’t know the basics of Australian mobile networking then here is the complete guide for you. First of all, you should know that in Australia mobile technology is the most advanced and all major ... Read more

Family Mobile Plans

How to Find Best Family Mobile Plans

Family Mobile plans in Australia are available monthly, weekly, or yearly. Whether you have prepaid or postpaid mobile, you can visit the Australian telecom sites and find the current and upcoming plans. The three main telecom providers are: All are offering 5G mobile plans in Australia. Where is 5G available in Australia Find the best ... Read more

How to find the difference between WIFI and Mobile Data plan?

What is the Difference between WIFI and Mobile Data Plans

Australia is now moving to 5G shortly as Telstra’s push into 5G announced at CES 2019 that it has developed agreements with “some of the world’s biggest vendors” to exclusively deliver 5G smartphones before “any other Australian mobile operator”. Telstra had more than 200 5G base stations enabled by the end of 2018, meaning that users at the ... Read more

Which Mobile Companies use the Telstra Network

Mobile Companies that Use the Telstra Network

The Telstra Network Telstra Network is one of Australia’s leading telecommunications with more than double the subscribers of any other telco. Though it charges a premium to access the network; it is popular because of its superior network coverage and reception. Telstra also claims to be the fastest in 4G speed on its category 6 (CAT6) ... Read more

Oputs Sport App

Optus Sport App on Mobile to Watch Various Live Sports

Optus Sport is available as an optional extra on eligible Optus plans for no extra cost; but non-Optus customers, and Optus customers who don’t have an eligible plan; can still sign up to Optus Sport; which will set you back under $15 a month. If you want to sign up for any particular match or ... Read more

What Mobile Providers Use The Optus Network?

Top 8 Mobile Providers That Use Optus Network?

Mobile providers that use Optus Network in Australia include Amayasim, Dodo, Moose Mobile, Circles Life, and many others. Optus is the network that says “yes” to its customers’ needs. The Optus mobile network continues evolving incredibly and now covers 98.5% of the Australian population. Its 3G and 4G networks have received significant upgrades in the ... Read more

How much data do you need to Play Disney+ on a phone?

Data You Need to Play Disney+ On Mobile

Streaming video is a great way to get entertained, and it is the most popular way to do data-intensive activities on a smartphone. Disney+ appears to be more demanding than any other streaming service. Let’s find out how much data you need to Play Disney+ on a phone. According to Disney+, it automatically detects your ... Read more

How to check your mobile plan and buy mobile data on Android?

Check Your Mobile Plan And Buy Mobile Data

Buy mobile data on Android in Australia depends on your carrier, you could be able to buy mobile data through your Settings app on your phone. Your carrier sets the prices and choices. You use your regular payment method with your carrier. Buy Mobile Data On Android You need to remember that the “Mobile data plan” setting is ... Read more