Best Browser For Playing Pokies

What is the Best Browser For Playing Pokies

The best browser for playing pokies depends on individual preferences and the specific games. Several browsers are commonly used for gaming, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Each works well for gaming, and the best choice is often the best. Some games may have specific browser requirements mentioned on online casino ... Read more

Best Mobile To Play Pokies

Which Is The Best Mobile To Play Pokies?

The best mobile to play pokies? Is it Android or iPhone, as both work well for games? Lately, you will see the 5 G mobile and new models of iPhone and Android, which will certainly increase gameplay speed with better graphics and sound. But that doesn’t mean your old mobile phones are not the best ... Read more

Cheapest Plan For Mobile

Get Cheapest Plan For Mobile From Optus

I went to the Optus site to find the cheapest mobile plan. Optus Australia has both prepaid and postpaid SIM-only plans. There is also a bundle plan if you want to buy a new phone. As I looked for SIM-only plans for my personal use, the $49 Optus Choice Plus plan suited me best. Why ... Read more

Buy a Refurbished Mobile

How to Buy a Refurbished Mobile?

You can buy a refurbished mobile phone online or at a mobile store near you. These stores sell both Android and iPhone phones. Earlier, I was unsure whether these mobile phones would work the same way as new ones. But when I bought a second-hand phone, I didn’t find much difference in its performance and ... Read more

Install A Game On Your iPhone

How To Install A Game On Your iPhone -Infographic

Share this Image On Your Site </p> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p> <p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’How To Install A Game On Your iPhone Infographic’ width=’540px’ border=’0′ /></a></p> <p> Install a game on your iPhone needs the following: All you need to do is visit the app store or iTunes store on your ... Read more

Popular Ad Blocker Apps

5 Effective and Popular Ad Blocker Apps

Ad Blocker Apps are available at the Google Play Store. While playing games, I often find ads quite irritating. The same thing happens when I watch YouTube videos; after a few minutes of watching, an Ad pops up. This is when I need an Ad Blocker. I searched for some good, free apps, which I ... Read more

Tablets for Playing Pokies

5 Best Tablets for Playing Pokies

Tablets for playing pokies mean games on a large screen. The online casinos are fully optimized for mobile and tablet pokies to play at your own convenience. My top tablet for playing pokies is an iPad Pro. With its large screen, pokies and game symbols look as if they are outside the gaming screen. Crystal ... Read more

Android wear apps

5 Best Android Wear Apps

Android wear apps at Google Play are generally free to install. Tens of apps are useful. How do you decide which one you want? It is your choice and preference which one you want for your smartwatch. My choice is not stable. I keep on experimenting with apps that are both new and old. If ... Read more

Worst Apps

10 Worst Apps Ever Made

Worst apps are those that have poor performance and have been major flops in the apps industry. Even though Pokemon Go became Nintendo’s salvation, not all apps have lived up to the hype. Throughout the years, we have seen thousands of apps that range from innovative to downright bad ideas. Not every app developer was ... Read more

New SIM On Felix Mobile

How Can I Get A New SIM On Felix Mobile?

Felix Mobile is a new telecom service provider in Australia. Owned by TPG, Felix was launched in late 2020. With the Felix mobile app, you can easily get a new SIM on Felix mobile. Their simple SIM-only plan costs $25 per month and includes unlimited mobile data and standard talk + text in Australia. There ... Read more


11 Most Anticipated Smartphones

With the speed of smartphone technology evolution moving so fast, there’s always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied on the latest handset, that there’s anticipation for the next big thing. Introduction 2022 was a revolutionary year for phones, but the tech industry never sleeps, so we’re now looking forward to 2023’s ... Read more

Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

If you are looking for Australia’s cheapest mobile phone plans with free data to play pokies then there are many telcos out there to get the best plan.  To get the best deal, you usually have to choose a SIM Only plan, which means the plan does not come with a phone from a Mobile ... Read more

Unearth symbols of your iPhone

Unearth the Symbols of your iPhone

Unearth the Symbols of your iPhone You all have some kind of mobile device with you. But how often have you tried to explore each and every part of your mobile? The user manual that comes along with the mobile sets tells us much more than we know about the devices that we own. Here ... Read more

CommBank App Features

CommBank Mobile Banking App

Do you know one of the leading financial providers of Australia who has won the best App awards of the year 2014-15- The Money Magazine’s Best Innovative Banking App for the year 2015 and Canstar Innovation Excellence Winner 2014. We are talking about CommBank Mobile Banking App. Yes, here to mention is the Commonwealth bank ... Read more

NBN - The Super Fast Network of Australia

NBN Network of Australia

Do you know that National Broadband Network (NBN) enables and enhances your lifestyle? Be it your home, business, health, education, sustainability and wealth? Let us see the general benefits of this technology and the cost of delivery. Let’s find out what are the advantages, how can you get connected and NBN Plans. What is the ... Read more

$5 roaming

Vodafone’s $5 Roaming Helps When Travelling

When you travel somewhere outside your nation’s boundaries your mobile starts pushing notifications about roaming and its charges. Making a call from overseas then becomes a costly affair. While travel packs or a local SIM can help you relieve the cash stress that you face on roaming charges. Vodafone offers $5 roaming option that caters to ... Read more

Card Games To Play

10 Card Games to Play on Lumia Phones

Nowadays, playing your choicest games with your smartphone and mobile devices is a trend. Among all the casino games, the most widely played games are table games, especially card games. Card Games to Play on Lumia Phones Playing casino games on a device like Lumia is an experience in itself. The Lumia phones earlier developed ... Read more

Beep Beep on iPhone

How To Fix Beep On iPhone Charging?

Would you like an easy way to modify the vibration, charging sound, and screen power on when plugging in your iPhone to a power source? If so, then Beep Beep will allow you to do just that. Let’s find out how to Fix the Beep On iPhone Charging. Most Phones vibrate once and light up ... Read more

Android apps Vs iPhone Apps

Android Apps Vs iPhone Apps

With so many mobile phones in the market nowadays, it is often difficult to think of which one to use. Apple and Android phones, along with other smartphones, are the common ones that people look for. Apple phones run on iOS and Android and run on various software and programs like KitKat and Jellybean. Apps ... Read more

How to Get your Smartphone Insurance?

How to Get your Smartphone Insurance?

Are you possessive of your smartphone or mobile? You should be after all it is an expensive plus a useful device. Many times we often drop our device (more cases have come up dropping the phone in the washroom), or we tend to lose it forgetting somewhere, or our device gets stolen. In all these ... Read more