Meet the Most Useful Apps for Pets

Even though it’s the last thing most people expect, there are plenty of apps for pets. Despite sounding silly, this genre of programs is exploding in popularity. There are 144 million dogs and cats in the US alone, so developers haven’t missed out on this market. Every year more people get pets, and a growing number of pet owners are turning to apps for advice. This fresh interest has created a massive demand for apps geared towards pets. From entertainment options to exercise schedules, there’s no shortage of apps to choose from.

Developers have been cranking out apps for pets for years, so the options are staggering. Now pet owners have a slew of apps to choose from to help them be the best owners possible. When faced with so many apps, picking the right one can be daunting. To help put the spotlight on the best ones, we compiled a list of the top apps for pets. They are a lot more useful than most people would assume, so don’t miss out on these programs!

Best Apps for Pets

Apps for Pets

Discover when to be alarmed.

App #3: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – One of the most challenging parts of being a pet owner is taking charge when something goes wrong. Every year, thousands of pets die from poisoning. Most of these fatalities can be avoided with a combination of prevention and education. This app helps pet owners tackle both issues by providing a sneak peak to the ASPCA’s database. They take the guesswork out of diagnosing poisoning with a treasure-trove of helpful information. The app highlights substances that can be poisonous for cats, dogs, birds and horses.

This covers every kind of pet and a staggering amount of potentially life threatening ingestions. From common household items to plants that can be toxic, there’s no shortage of things your pets should avoid. If your pet does consume one of these substances, everything danger is ordered by a color coded risk assessment. This includes what symptoms to expect and what actions the pet owner should take. For serious symptoms, the app provides a one touch dial to the ASPCA’s poison control hotline.

Apps for Pets

Connect with like minded pet owners.

App #2: BarkHappy – This social media app revolves around people who love dogs. By utilizing certain filters, they match up pets that are compatible with your dog. This is similar to Tinder, but more plutonic. Once pets are matched, they can meet up for a play date or long walk. To give users ideas of what to do, the app provides lists of dog friendly venues. These range from parks to hotels, so there’s no excuse not to get out. Another benefit of the app is it connects dog owners, so the potential for cultivating human relationships is a plus.

Apps for Pets

Become the best pet owner you can be!

App #1: Pet Coach – When purchasing a pet, it doesn’t come with a manual. This leaves new owners on their own to figure out to how to raise this new addition to their lives. Whether you own cats, dogs, horses or exotic reptiles, Pet Coach is ready to help. It’s bursting at the seams with quality advice from veterinarians and animal experts. They provide valueable insight on nutrition, training and keeping your pet healthy. Every pet deserves an educated owner, so rise up to the challenge with this informative app!