Meet the Industry’s Largest Pokies Machine Vendors

As the popularity of pokies continues to flourish around the world, a few companies are dominating the market. Through consistent innovations and strategic investments, these corporations have managed to maintain their positions at the top of the industry. This is no easy feat, since the pokies industry is one of the fastest growing faucets of the casino industry. By generating more revenue than all the other casino games combined, pokies have taken modern gambling by storm. Fueled by the growing popularity of pokies, the global slot machine market generated $12 billion in 2017.

While these figures seem impressive, they pale in comparison with where the industry is set to reach. Thanks to the popularity of reconfigurable electronic gaming machines, the pokies industry is poised for a revolution. As machines continue to become more complex, the demand is creating 16% growth every year. This aggressive expansion is paving the way for the pokies industry to exceed $24 billion USD by 2022.

The sky is the limit with this budding industry, and this success is opening doors to a new level of competition. Dozens of major companies are fighting for their stake in this growing market, which makes it a fiercely competitive industry. To showcase the reigning champions, we compiled a list of the top pokies machine makers in 2019. These companies are making a profound impact on the industry, which makes them impossible for any responsible punter to ignore. Prepare to get an intimate glimpse of the larger-than-life companies behind your favorite pokies games!

Most Influential Pokies Machine Venders

Pokies Machine Vendors

This corporation is quickly setting the standard.

Company #3: Novomatic Group (EUR 1,587 million 2017 Revenue) – Through a series of groundbreaking innovations, this Austrian lottery supplier and slot machines maker has made its mark on the industry. Ever since it was founded by billionaire Johann Graf in 1980, the company has produced nothing but quality gaming machines. Of all their creations, non have been more revered than their multi-game slots. This iconic development allows punters to indulge in multiple pokies games while sitting at the same machine.

Thanks to their refusal to conform to outdated industry norms, this is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Novomatic currently employs over 25,000 in offices that are scattered across 50 countries. Their machines can be found in over 1,600 gaming facilities that are strategically placed in 80 countries. This massive reach gives them an intimate relationship with the average punter. By staying firmly connected to their customer base, this corporation is set to pioneer a new era of pokies.

Pokies Machine Vendors

There’s no denying Aristocrat’s ability to effortlessly adapt in this wild market.

Company #2: Aristocrat Liesure Limited ($3.5 billion USD 2018 Revenue) – For anyone familiar with pokies in Australia, it’s no surprise that this gambling manufacturer made the list. Founded by the legendary tycoon Len Ainsworth, Aristocrat Leisure Limited has set the pokies industry standard for decades. Punters will be hard-pressed to find a casino that doesn’t proudly boast Aristocrat’s gaming machines.

On top of dominating Australia’s pokies scene, they have drastically broadened their reach with multiple key investments. In 2014, Aristocrat Leisure Limited tripled their North American exposure by purchasing Video Gaming Technologies. They also dove headfirst into the mobile gaming industry after acquiring mobile game developer Plarium in 2017. That same year, they bought out Big Fish Games for a staggering $990 million. These shrewd investments guarantee that this company remains at the forefront of the pokies industry for years to come.

Pokies Machine Vendors

This company is leading the industry.

Company #1: International Game Technology PLC ($4.69 billion USD 2015 Revenue) – Despite being bought out by Gtech in 2014, this multinational gaming company remains the largest pokies machine manufacturer in the world. Their sprawling empire employs 12,000 people and boasts headquarters in Las Vegas, Reno, Providence and Rome. Even after the $6.4 billion 2014 buyout, the company is still controlled by De Agostini holding company. This 51% interest guarantees that the company sticks to the same formula that made it a globally recognized brand. To this day, their massive revenues are only outdone by their endless catalogue of beloved pokies releases.

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