Meet the Fairphone 3: The Best Sustainable Smartphone

Meet the Fairphone 3 The Best Sustainable Smartphone
Meet the Fairphone 3 The Best Sustainable Smartphone

In an era where corporations routinely place profits over the well-being of the planet, the Fairphone 3 is an interesting proposition. Even though this phone’s features pale can’t beat what’s there with the competition, does have a few unique advantages. From removable batteries to the headphone jack, this smartphone offers perks that other companies have abandoned. Its mission statement is equally novel, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Advanced Fairphone

Now that images of the Amazon wildfires and horrific levels of trash have taken over the internet, environmentalism is a hot topic. While there’s no ignoring this new trend, mixing ideology with technology is a tricky strategy. Even though most people are on board with taking care of the planet, only a handful are ready to give up any amenities. For the last few years, Fairphone has been striving to provide the best of both worlds. While the Fairphone 2 was a decent attempt, it failed to pack enough features to convince people to consider buying a sustainable smartphone.

New Features

After enduring heaps of criticism, Fairphone is back with a better offering. When taking a look at their new release, it immediately becomes apparent that they are on to something. The Fairphone 3 has enough quality features for users to take them seriously.

It’s armed with a better camera and speedy hardware, which makes it a much more compelling argument for sustainability. For this reason, we are proud to showcase the perks of the Fairphone 3. It’s the first phone with an open agenda, and it may be the change that the industry needs.

Exploring What the Fairphone 3 Has to Offer

Sustainable Smartphones
This smartphone has enough advantages to catch the attention of sceptical consumers.

Even though our initial reaction was to shun it, the Fairphone 3 presents a tantalizing alternative to mass-produced smartphones. When holding the Fairphone 3, it immediately stands out from the competition. It’s made from sturdy plastic and boasts a slew of features that a majority of companies conveniently got rid of. The moment we held it we were intrigued, and our interest only intensified the more we examined it.

By blending recycled materials, sustainable production methods and solid specs, the Fairphone 3 is a rare breed. For $500, clients get access to a decent phone with a bold mission. Its 5.7-inch screen has 1080p resolution and wide bezels, but don’t let these features through you off.

Snapdragon 632 processor with 4GB of RAM

A Snapdragon 632 processor powers the smartphone and has 4GB of RAM. The Fairphone 3 also has 64GB of storage and a MicroSD card slot, which is enough for most people’s needs. It also has a 12MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera and 3,000mAh battery. 

Fairphone 3
Unlike the competition, Fairphone allows customers to replace crucial phone parts.

To make matters even more enticing, this release boasts some truly unique options. On top of having the freshly extinct headphone jack, users can actually replace the battery. This is a groundbreaking feature since it means clients don’t have to replace their phones every two years. Getting free from this vicious cycle is liberating, and it’s complemented by five years of support. There’s also a fingerprint sensor on the back panel, which provides a welcome burst of security.

Android 9 Pie

All these specs are brought to life by Android 9 Pie, which makes it a surprisingly formidable smartphone. It may not have the same jaw-dropping design as the competition, but it’s far from an ugly phone. Fairphone aims to ship this release in mid-October, so only time will tell if users are ready to trade aesthetics for social responsibility.


Even if it doesn’t get everyone to boycott Apple and Samsung, it’s still an inspiring development. The sheer amount of improvements Fairphone made since its last release shows that this is still a viable idea. Sustainable smartphones are no longer a punchline, and it’s only a matter of time before they become a public priority.

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