Find Out if The Escobar 1 Phone Can Dethrone Apple

Find Out if The Escobar 1 Phone Can Dethrone Apple
Find Out if The Escobar 1 Phone Can Dethrone Apple

Out of all the people who want to take on Apple, none are more unexpected than Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto. Even though it may seem mind-blowing that the co-founder of the Medellin cartel is waging war against the biggest company in the world, he does have a secret weapon. Let’s find out more about Escobar 1 Phone.

Against all odds, Escobar Inc has beaten Apple to the punch by creating a foldable smartphone. On top of having the most infamous backing of any tech company, the Escobar 1 Phone is available at a surprisingly competitive price. Their base model is retailing for $349, which is a tempting offer for the self-proclaimed toughest foldable smartphone on the market.


Even though their redline promotion video seems more like a lingerie commercial than a pitch for a phone, the Escobar 1 Phone is far from a joke. Boasting a 7.8-inch flexible AMOLED 1,920×1,444 display, this is actually a gorgeous smartphone.

It comes in two models, which allows users to choose between getting in cheap or hopping fully onboard Escobar’s crusade against Apple. While it’s hard to trust a man who spent over a decade in a Colombian prison, the Escobar 1 appears to be more than just a gimmick.

Escobar Inc
This phone is actually good-looking.

To truly understand this puzzling development, diving into the details of the Escobar One is essential. Between Roberto’s recent antics and the phone’s surprisingly capable features, this promotion is just as entertaining as it is plausible. To separate fact from fiction, we will showcase both the madness and genius that’s brewing at Escobar Inc. This foldable phone just might make history, so don’t overlook its potential!

Exploring How the Escobar 1 Phone Might Change the Game

Roberto Escobar
It doesn’t get more outrageous than their ads.

When Roberto Escobar announced that he was aiming to dethrone Apple with an affordable foldable phone, it caused the industry to do a double-take. This scepticism was understandable since Roberto is far from the traditional hipster tech developer.

His original claim to fame was co-founding the Medellin cartel with his infamous brother Pablo. At its height, this organization supplied 80% of the endless amounts of cocaine flooding into the United States. After breaking out of Colombian prison in 1992, Roberto went on the lamb with Pablo Escobar. He was recaptured a year later and forced to spend 12 years behind bars. 

Life of Roberto

After surviving multiple attempts on his life including a letter bomb that left him blind in one eye, Roberto emerged from prison a man on a mission. Living in the shadows of his brother’s larger-than-life legacy wasn’t easy, so he started raising hell.

After founding Escobar Inc in 2014, Roberto started suing people. His first target was Netflix, and he demanded $1 billion for the unauthorized usage of content for the Narco series. He later started a GoFundMe campaign to impeach Trump, but few liberals wanted to team up with him.

Dispute with Elon Musk

The madness didn’t stop there, since he accused Elon Musk of stealing his flamethrower design. He offered to settle the dispute in exchange for $100 million in cash or shares of Tesla. 

Escobar 1 Phone
This is one of the most affordable foldable phones available.

To date none of these wild projects went anywhere, so now Roberto Escobar has set his sights on Apple. Armed with a surprisingly capable foldable phone, Roberto announced that he had officially beat Apple. He claims that the tech giant is cheating people by selling worthless phones at inflated prices.

Escobar 1 Phone is a tempting Option

Even though these accusations are laughable, there’s no ignoring the validity of his claims. If a retired cocaine capo from Colombia can mass-produce foldable phones for $349, what’s stopping Apple from doing the same? This perplexing question is putting experts in an interesting conundrum.

Escobar 1 Phone
This is one of the many outlandish promotions for Roberto’s smartphone.

While it’s easy to dismiss Roberto’s claims as just another Escobar antic, the quality of the phone says otherwise. Boasting an Octa-Core 2.8 GHz CPU and Qualcomm Adreno 640 processor, this phone is surprisingly capable. It’s powered by a 4,000mAh battery and boasts fingerprint sensors and a 16MP/20MP camera setup.

From the eye-catching gold finish to the claim to be unbreakable, the Escobar 1 Phone is a tempting purchase. If this phone lives up to half its claims, Roberto might make his promise of dethroning Apple a reality. Anything is possible, especially at this price.

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