How To Manage Yourself When Playing Pokies?

Manage yourself when playing pokies

Managing yourself when playing pokies is the most daunting task for a player. It’s all about playing responsibly and wisely.

This means:

  • I need to manage my money
  • Play within a time limit
  • Play for fun


  • Because Pokies are games of chance
  • The winning probability is against you
  • Pokie odds are some of the worst
  • The chance of winning is one in about 34 million even with the maximum bet.
  • Pokies results are random and determined by a random number generator.
Set a budget to play pokies
Set a budget to play pokies

Manage yourself when playing pokies

Playing pokies with real money can be an enjoyable form of entertainment. Still, it’s essential to manage yourself when playing pokies responsibly to ensure that it remains fun and safe.

Here are some tips on how to manage yourself when playing pokies with real money:

1. Budget to play

Before entering a casino, whether online or land-based, you need to set a budget for playing. Keep aside the money you wish to spend on pokies and stick to that.

When your set budget is exhausted stop playing pokies and leave the casino.

How much budget do you need?

Well, pokies start at 1 cent to spin and go up to a maximum of $100. How much you wish to spend depends on your personal choice. Keep in mind that you might lose and not win always due to the odds of winning.

What to do?

Manage your bankroll, keeping in mind that the money put on pokies is to lose as winning chances are less.

How is it possible?

Well. simply don’t chase the pokies if you lose or win. If you lose or win stop playing. Better try your luck next time if you lose. If you win then too stop the game, you might never know that you will lose in your second time.

Also, online casinos have set a deposit limit, which you should follow.

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Set time on pokies machines
At casino you can set time limit on pokies machines

2. Set A Time Limit

You need to set a time limit to play pokies. How much time you will spend on playing pokies in a single session. Then stick to that set time and don’t spend more than that time.

How much time do you need to play pokies?

The answer depends on you. How many gaming sessions will you play? Will you play other casino games besides pokies.

How to set a time limit?

It is simple.  You can have a stop watch app on your mobile device. Or set an alarm on your wristwatch. This will limit the number of hours that you can spend on the online games. Once you’ve set your daily maximum, the timer will decrease whenever you’re logged in, not just when you’re in a game.

Many electronic pokies machines at land casinos allow you to set a time limit via pop-up message.

Play free pokies
Play free pokies for fun

3. Play For Fun

Playing for fun doesn’t cost a penny or cent. Hundreds of pokies at online casinos offer you to play for free just for fun.

Why to play for fun?

You play for fun to save your hard-earned money rather than lose in pokies.

Also, when you play for entertainment, you learn how pokies games work, the rules of the game, etc.

How to play for fun?

Simply join any mobile or online casino and open your zero-balance account. I have done this many times. No one will charge you for creating a free account at an online casino.

Head to the pokies section>select the pokies>tap to play. That’s it.

Control your emotions when playing pokies
Control your emotions when playing pokies

4. Control Your Emotions

This includes:

Controlling your emotions and control your gambling habit.

Why emotions?

If you lose the game and show anger or anxiety, you are frustrated. This leads to playing more and spending more on pokies in the hope that you will win. Gambling habits, if formed, are difficult to overcome. If you feel addicted to pokies, this means you have formed a habit of playing regularly.

What can I do?

Spend more time with family and friends. Distract yourself from pokies and indulge in other physical activities. How about playing tennis with a friend or simply swimming or walking?

If you have formed an addiction to pokies seek immediate help.


To manage yourself when playing pokies needs your firm will and determination. Remember nothing is difficult to overcome.

When playing pokies, play within budget and time, have fun, and control your emotions.


Q1. How can I set a budget to play pokies?

Set aside a sum of money to play pokies. The money that you are willing to spend on playing pokies is your budget to play pokies. Be firm on that budget.

Q2. Can I win every session of pokies?

No, pokies are games of chance, and outcomes are determined by random number generators. While you can have winning sessions, there is no guaranteed strategy to win consistently over the long term.

Q3. How can I manage time to play pokies?

Self-control and discipline are essential for time management when playing pokies. Know when to stop, be it in an hour or a few minutes.

Q4. I am getting addicted to pokies what shall I do?

If you are getting addicted to pokies and feel the urge to play again and again, seek immediate help from various organisations and deaddiction centres.

Q5. What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling means managing to play pokies wisely without spending much on games.

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