Lumia 950 and 950 XL Battery Saver- How to enable it automatically

Lumia Phones

Battery is one of the most important components in phones. While having a new mobile it is always necessary to know about its mobile specifications. With the coming of so many apps on phones and their daily usage all over the day exhausts the mobile battery. Maybe that is why these days almost all the smartphones and mobile devices have by default an option called the battery saver mode where you can try to save the battery to some extent.

Same way in the Lumia phones like Lumia 950 and 950XL battery saver extends battery life of the phone. It is off by default, but you can set it up so that your phone automatically turns on battery saver when the battery falls below a certain percentage.

Follow the given easy to do steps and you will enable it yourself

  • First Swipe down from the top of the display and tap All settings
  • Go to System > Battery saver and tap Battery saver settings
  • Enable Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below
  • The default setting is 20%, but you can adjust the slider

Battery Saver Settings

Once your Lumia 950 and 950 XL is in Battery saver mode, apps stop running in the background and stop sending and receiving push notifications.

Also you can add exceptions. In the battery saver settings, tap Add an app. This lets the app operate normally. Like suppose you wish to have your Mail working. So make an exception for your mails and let them coming in while other apps stop working.

Do share how often you enable the battery saver mode? Or there are any other options to save battery.