Lost your Android Phone- Here are the 4 Immediate Things To Do

Android Phone

Sometimes this can happen. You can lose your mobile device. May be you forgot to pick up where you left at some place; it can be stolen as picked up by a thief or you dropped it somewhere from your pocket. In case you have lost your Android phone here are the four immediate things to do

1. Track your Android Phone

There is a free and easy way to locate your Android device, and that is by using the Android Device Manager. You don’t need to have this installed in your phone first for it to work. Just go to the page and sign in with the Google account that you used to sign in to your Android device.

The last location of your device will be shown to you down to an accuracy of about 20 meters. You will also get how far the device is from you, and when it was last seen online

From this page on you can also lock the device, make it ring  in case it is at your home only and nearby to you or as a lastly erase the data you have on the device to prevent identity theft or loss of any important info.

2. Make your Accounts Secure

You probably have your emails, social networks, messaging groups all on your lost mobile device. It is therefore important that you secure all your accounts by logging in via another device and changing  your passwords. This includes your main Google account.

By changing your main Google password, any unauthorized person handling your phone will not receive access to your personal accounts, contacts, apps and other important information.

Know that changing your Google password will not affect your efforts to locate your device via Android Device Manager. You can still track your Android, lock or remotely erase your phone data after the password change.

3. Better to Block Your SIM Card

It is always better to you block your SIM card not only to prevent the misuse of your call privileges, but also because messaging apps like Whatsapp and Line use your phone number to verify your account.

If you signed up for two-step verification for access to accounts like your email, you will need to regain ownership of your phone number. Your telco provider will assist you in getting your number back, on a new SIM card, after blocking the card that is in your lost phone.

4. Unlink your Accounts on Android

You can also unlink your accounts from your lost device in order to stop the sync process on your Android.

For example, if you use Dropbox on your Android, unlink this device from your account via the website by going to the account’s security page, then finding your device on the list and clicking the ‘x‘ button. You will have to do this for all the services that you have linked to your device, one by one.

Though these four immediate steps might or might not help you recover your lost  phone but it is always advisable to keep your mobile safe and secure.