LG is Taking the Market by Storm With 4 X Releases


LG is using a whole new game plan to win over new customers.

LG aims to sweep hesitant clients off their feet with four exciting releases. While most smartphone giants are focusing on one or two models LG is taking an entirely different approach. Instead of trying to sell a smartphone that’s good at everything, LG is ramping up production of multiple phones that excel in one area. This year LG plans to unleash 6 X models on the market. We have already seen the intriguing marketing behind the X Cam & X Screen. Now it’s time to investigate what the four new additions have to offer. This bold strategy will make or break LG this year.

LG Defies the Competition with 4 X Releases

LG has already made a huge splash in the 2016 smartphone market. The G5 was praised as one of the few flagship phones that could give the Galaxy S7 a run for its money. They stole the show at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona with the release of the X Cam & X Screen. Unfortunately, after the hype died down users quickly realized that both releases were unimpressive. LG vowed not to repeat this mistake & promised to bring one premium feature to each one of its new releases at a lower price. These four new releases are made to help LG tap into a new market of bargain smartphones. The competition is fierce, but these four smartphones could be all LG needs.

To date LG remains extremely tight lipped on the specs of these four new phones. Many claim that they are running against the clock trying to add more perks to entice customers to buy them. So far the only information regarding the X Power, X Mach, X Style & X Max are their premium features. Allegedly each one has its specialty & all of them will come at an affordable price. Here are the most recent leaked specs:

X Power – For those of you who dream about a long lasting smartphone, its time to get excited. This groundbreaking smartphone is all about battery life. Its 7.9mm thick frame packs a whopping 4,100mAh battery! It will also be equipped with fast charging for getting this smartphone back on the road as quickly as possible. This giant size battery dwarfs the G5’s 2800mAh battery. If you like listening to music & watching videos for hours on end, this phone will be your next travel buddy.

X Mach – If you are constantly downloading large files, the days of praying for a better alternative are  finally over. This smartphone prides itself on faster processing & wireless data. While its 1.8 GHz processor isn’t much to brag about the Category 9 LTE networking is more than enough to swoon critics. This phone will be able to provide lightning quick download speeds by tip toeing across different airwaves.

X Style – For those of you are searching for a sexy smartphone, look no further. This new release sports an extra slim body that’s complimented with gracefully curving lines. The exact specs of this alluring design is being kept a secret, but it’s sure to be jaw dropping.

X Max – Finally people who work off their smartphones will be able to have peace of mind. This smartphone boasts a beefed up screen that include larger dimensions & exclusive features. Phablet lovers now have the extra screen space that they desire.

Even though LG is keeping us in suspense about the exact specs, these phones are sure to be game changers. By giving users the ability to pick which area their smartphone excels at LG is opening up new doors. Catering to the masses with multiple options is truly a new frontier for them. Not everyone can afford a flagship phone, & LG is ready to capitalize on that. Only time will tell if this tenacious marketing ploy will jump start sales.