Learn Which Galaxy S9 Rumors Are Probably True

For a phone with no solid release date, the Galaxy S9 has already taken the industry hostage. It won’t be unveiled until February 25th at Mobile World Congress in Spain, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors. Samsung fans have been debating for months on what their new flagship phone will look like. Everything from under the glass fingerprint scanners to improved facial recognition features are being speculated. While these are all tempting additions, it remains unclear whether they will actually be included in this release.

Even though there’s still a month to go before the S9 is seen by the public, Samsung hasn’t stopped teasing us. They just sent out an invite with a big nine that says “Camera, reimagined”. This hints that the camera is going to feature drastic improvements, making it the focal point of the phone. While this is exciting news, there are plenty of other potential features that are nothing short of groundbreaking.

Faced with so many rumors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to expect. To clear the air, we compiled a list of Galaxy S9 rumors that are most likely to be true. These have all been verified by industry insiders, so the odds of them becoming part of the S9 are overwhelming. Get a better idea of what to expect with this eye-opening article!

Most Credible Galaxy S9 Rumors

Galaxy S9 Rumors

Samsung is driving speculations through the roof with this invite.

Rumor #1: Improved Facial Recognition – Even though the S9 won’t sport a Face ID-style depth-sensing facial scanner, it’s still getting upgraded. Samsung has gone to great lengths to improve their 2D facial scanning, and the S9 will feature these changes. The new iris scanner will sport 3MP, which is a drastic improvement from last year’s 2MP model. This extra megapixel will allow the iris scanner to recognize users easier in low/high light environments. To back up this change, the phone’s biometric software will also be upgraded.

Rumor #2: New Chip – Sticking to tradition, Samsung will debut their new chip in a flagship phone. While the Galaxy S8 featured the Snapdragon 835, the S9 will boast the Snapdragon 845 chip. This chip was co-designed and manufactured by Samsung, so it’s no surprise that it will be featured in the S9.

Using the Snapdragon 845 will give users access to a slew of improvements. The new chip will improve the speed and power efficiency of the phone. It also has a dedicated AI chip that will undoubtedly improve Bixby’s functionality. On top of AI technology, the 845 chip will include a Secure Processing Unit. This will work in conjunction with Samsung Knox to provide even more secure ways to store payment and biometric data.

Galaxy S9 Rumors

One of the countless S9 renditions circulating online.

Rumor #3: Improved Camera – After seeing Samsung’s invite, this improvement is a given. While dual cameras on both models are unlikely, the S9+ will probably sport dual cameras. Even though the smaller model will have one camera, it has some key improvements. According to Chinese site Vechgraphy, the main camera on both phones will have a f/1.5 aperture. This is wider than the Note 8’s f/1.7 lens and will help provide better photos in low-light environments.

Another rumor is that users will be able to manually switch between f/2.4 and f/1.5 apertures. This will provide crisper portraits and better photos in any imaginable environment. Whether Samsung has more tricks up their sleeves remains to be seen, but these factors are the most likely to come true!