Learn How the SCiO Sensor Revolutionizes Nutrition


Diabetics now have an innovative way to discover the nutritional info of their meals. Thanks to the French startup DietSensor people now have access to the SCiO, a revolutionary food sensor. The sensor uses near-infrared spectroscopy to measure how light interacts with objects to give you an accurate reading. All you have to do is hold it over whatever you want to examine & push the button to get a down & dirty look at what you are eating. The genius concept was developed by a valiant couple whose daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. This fueled the fire of their imaginations & inspired them to create this truly marvelous sensor.

DietSensor’s SCiO Makes Decoding Your Food a Breeze

DietSensor’s SCiO uses an impressively simple concept to achieve extraordinary feats that were previously thought impossible. By utilizing the power of spectroscopy it can give you a completely accurate reading of any homogeneous food. This is a truly visionary way of reading food, since spectroscopy has never been used before for consumer purposes. Spectroscopy utilizes light to create vibrations in food particles. The different ways that the particles vibrate with light are then interpreted by this truly brilliant invention. The results are then run through a creative health app that gives you health tips along with the nutritional readings. This incredible combination makes checking your caloric intake a breeze. Even though this can only read homogeneous foods like cheese, bread & cake you still have input options to allow you to scan more complex meals. For people who have to monitor their carb intake this invention is a true godsend.

The inspiration for this magnificent sensor was spawned from the brutal reality that fell upon two extremely creative parents. Remy and Astrid Bonnasse’s world came crashing down when their 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This forced her to painfully measure out all of her calories to monitor her insulin production. As her parents, the Bonnasses realized what a daunting task blindly counting calories was for her. Vowing to create an easier system for their daughter, the Bonnasses united & formulated a life changing plan. They embarked on a creative journey that led to them creating one of the most groundbreaking sensors of all time. After teaming up with Israeli company Consumer Physics the couple developed a nutrition coaching app for the gadget that uses science to automate the process. With both processes fully developed & melded into one powerful sensor, DietSensor’s SCiO is ready to dominate the market.

This ingenious blend of science & technology is paving the way for a whole new wave of health supplies. Now that we are finally tapping into the power of spectroscopy, we can investigate other possible applications for this cutting edge technology. Whether by accident or destiny one couple was pushed to create something that had the power to change lives. It’s truly inspiring when people use the negativity of their situation to propel themselves into overcoming adversity.