Keep Your Finances on Track With These Tax Apps

With tax season looming in the distance, many people are turning to apps for help. Since most people are completely tax illiterate, these programs provide invaluable guidance. From advice on filing to finding key write offs, using tax apps pays off. For those that have simple tax returns, a tax app may be able to completely replace an accountant. Even if they don’t do 100% of the work, these programs streamline the process. They can take the headache out of tax preparation, which is a blessing in itself.

Developers haven’t missed the boat on taxes, so there’s a slew of tax apps to choose from. These range from helpful to downright frustrating, so picking the right program is key. Even the simplest ones help track your income and save receipts, which make them worth looking into. Unfortunately, not all of them have the same level of recommendations.

Without investing time in conducting the proper research, finding the right tax app is daunting. There are so many apps to choose from that reading reviews on all of them can be overwhelming. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best tax apps available for our readers. Whether you run a corporation or work for yourself, all the entries on the list are extremely advantageous to use. They will revolutionize the way you approach tax season, so get prepared with these apps!

Top Tax Apps in 2018

Tax Apps

Simplify filing with this app!

Tax App #3: TurboTax Mobile App – For those who’s needs are simple, this program is a godsend. It can file tax returns in ten minutes, which is perfect for those who are racing against the clock. To get started, all users have to do is photograph their tax forms and upload them into the app. From there they get access to a qualified tax professional that can answer any lingering questions before filing.

While the app is free, it costs $39.99 to file federal and state returns. This system works for both individuals and self-employed citizens that have relatively straightforward returns. Even though it won’t handle a complicated business, it’s perfect for the price!

Tax Apps

Keep track of business expenses with this all-in-one app!

Tax App #2: QuickBooks Self-Employed app – Traditional tax payers won’t need this app, but it’s indispensable for small business owners and freelancers. By combining a variety of useful features into a straightforward platform, keeping track of expenses just got easier. QuickBooks allows clients to keep track of business expenses by snapping pictures of receipts and gauging commuter miles. They also let users artfully manage multiple income sources without making things too complicated. For $5 a month, this app makes tax season noticeably more manageable.

Tax Apps

Start preparing for tax season before it’s too late.

Tax App #1: H&R Block Tax Preparation app – Out of all the tax programs available, this one is the most versatile. From simple returns to complicated incomes, H&R Block can handle it all. By utilizing their Smart Import feature, users can instantly import their incomes. From there the app reviews the form for errors and omissions. This software is geared towards generating the maximum refund, so it’s on the tax payer’s side. Depending on how complicated your tax return is, it will cost $34 to $74 to file. The app is free to download, so there’s no excuse not to start preparing yourself for tax season!