Is There Any Lottery Winning Strategy?

Lotteries have been around since the 15th century, and have been getting ever more popular in developed countries. They mostly have low odds, but it cannot reduce their popularity. Let’s find out is there any lottery winning strategy.

Do you know, that about 21% of Americans consider lotteries as a way to improve their well-being, even after knowing the odds of winning are low? The degree to which people are obsessed and passionate about the idea of making a fortune by predicting the right numbers by watching the large body of the lottery is immense.  

Is there Any Lottery Winning Strategy

Lottery Winning Strategy
Is there Any Lottery Winning Strategy

Technically no! There are no reliable methods to guarantee winning. Even with exceptional calculation skills, you can only calculate the odds and probabilities, but you cannot do anything in order to get a jackpot. You do not have to, in fact, do anything or play even to win the lottery. It is purely your luck.

You can find several articles saying you should not play at all, and that this is the only guarantee you won’t lose money. But this cannot be the way, if you want to have fun, though: play the lottery to feel the rush, but never create any artificial strategies that can help you win!

Some lottery-winning strategy

1. Play Wisely

Play Wisely
Play Wisely

As of now, it is clear that there are no betting strategies that can help you win; it can only increase your possibilities of not losing very much. Here I will share a few tips that were suggested by Richard Lustig – the seven-time winner of the state-sponsored lotteries from his own experience!  

2. Setting a Budget is Wise

Setting a Budget is Wise
Setting a Budget is Wise
  • Never only play with a minimum of 10 tickets.
  • Do not be limited to meaningful dates. It limits your choices, as there are fewer days in a month than numbers on a lottery ticket.
  • Another lottery genius, Stefan Mandel, recommends applying a math-driven approach:
  • Smaller lotteries are a wiser choice. Don’t fall prey to the most famous ones, and always check your odds. 
  • Calculate all the patterns, and compare the number with the jackpot. Select a lottery in which the prize is no less than three times the number of possible combinations.
  • Convince investors to pay for each combination.
  • Although it is illegal, print out tickets with every combination.

3. Don’t Fall for So-Called Strategies

Don’t Fall for So-Called Strategies
Don’t Fall for So-Called Strategies

Although many mathematicians have narrated the lottery odds which are not promising, people still hope that some schemes can guarantee them huge payouts.

Myths About Betting Systems

Myths About Betting Systems
Myths About Betting Systems

1. Numerology

Many people stick to their personal lucky numbers for betting systems, no matter how many times they are told that those numbers have no connection with what the odds of winning are.

2. Imagination Mechanisms

It is quite ridiculous that there are some theories out there about how you can win by just imagining it; although it is just thinking!

3. Magic square

Some people pick the numbers based on a specific area of the ticket.

4. Frequency Evaluation

This is the only myth with some logic – Evaluating the winning draws that have been made throughout the years, can offer you the most common and uncommon numbers!

5. Taxes Eat Up Huge Lottery Earnings

Taxes Eat Up Huge Lottery Earnings
Taxes Eat Up Huge Lottery Earnings

You cannot get the whole money you earned. About 30% of your winnings will go to the federal and state taxes, which makes the lottery a game.

6. Real Tricks

Real Tricks
Real Tricks

Of course, you can increase your chances of winning and avoid losing much. One of them is, joining some lottery pools. Your family, friends, or peers can join hands to win a jackpot. Picking rare numbers is also a way to increase a possible payout. Always double-check the numbers, and don’t demean the importance of second chance games!


These are some of the myths that you should not pay attention to and some real tricks that you can actually try out to increase your odds of winning and ward off the chances of losing much.

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