Innovative Smart Glove Gives the Disabled a Voice

Smart Glove

For centuries humanity has scoured for ways to achieve the impossible, going to great lengths to outdo one another all for the glory of science. Every couple of years a new brilliant invention comes along and forever changes what we perceive as possible. As long as humanity has existed people with disabilities have been left with no choice but to find innovative ways to overcome the cards dealt to them and survive. Luckily over the years multiple inventions have been made to help the disabled integrate into society and live normal lives. One monumental leap has been made by giving a voice to those with hearing and speech disabilities. It’s a high tech glove that reads the movement of the hands and individual fingers to convert sign language into text and speech.

This new smart glove is revolutionizing how people with hearing and speech impediments can communicate with others. It was created by non-other than the talented Saudi designer & media artist Hadeel Ayoub. An urgent need for communication with a disabled family member inspired Hadeel to create the SignLanguageGlove.

“I have an autistic niece who is four and who doesn’t speak. When I saw her communicating with sign language, I wondered what would happen if she tried to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language,”

This thought gave birth to the smart glove, which uses an incredible combination of sensors and a new app to give the disabled a second chance at communication. The SignLanguageGlove harnesses the five flex sensors to read exactly how the fingers of the user are bending to effortlessly translate hand movements. The movements are then wirelessly broadcasted to an app that converts the signals into text and speech. There are already bilingual prototypes being developed so more users can enjoy this new found freedom. This exciting development is opening doors to a flood of new technology aimed at helping cure disabilities.

There have already been many contenders that have previously developed similar designs. Ukraine’s infamous Team QuadSquad released a bulkier version of the smart glove in 2012. Another team from Mexico has already revealed a prototype that uses similar features. Hadeel AyouB herself is already developing a new prototype that combines all the necessary ingredients inside the lining of the glove. This lets the user communicate freely, eliminating the need for the listener to download an app or even own a smart phone. This is a whole new frontier, and Hadeel AyouB is already dominating the field with her passionate approach that is leaving her competition in the dust. This new prototype is revolutionary and couldn’t have been created without Hadeel’s personal mission to giving her young niece a chance at living a normal life. It is heartwarming to see someone take action and give others a much needed tool to succeed. But Hadeel Ayoub isn’t stopping yet, she already has another prototype in the works.

“For me it’s all about eliminating disability, language, and physical barriers,” said Ayoub. “My next prototype will have wifi so that it will be able to send texts and emails as well to any smart device within a reasonable range.”

With Hadeel’s unbridled passion for creating a better future for the disabled the sky is the limit on what the smart glove will turn into. This visionary approach to solving communication problems is destined to create the next medical marvel of the 21st century. The spotlight is on Hadeel and she isn’t stopping until her prototypes develop into an interactive translator that changes the lives of thousands of users across the world.