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Indian Dreaming

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Indian Dreaming

With a 5 reel pokies format, the Indian Dreaming is an Aristocrat pokies machine that was released in video pokies format in 1999. With a fair share of updates, this pokies machine follows a Native American theme. The updates keep on adding due to their popularity among players.

The theme of Indian Dreaming centers around Native American culture, spirituality, and traditions. The game’s design is rich in vibrant colors, with a backdrop depicting a stunning sunset over a desert landscape, complete with teepees and totem poles.

Due to the Native American theme of the game, fans accumulated from far across Australia and New Zealand to play. It has established a reputation for uniqueness. Indian Dreaming features vibrant graphics and an immersive Native American-inspired soundtrack, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Game Symbols


The Indian Dreaming pokies game by Aristocrat features a variety of symbols that are inspired by Native American culture and the game’s theme. These symbols contribute to the overall atmosphere and gameplay experience. Here are the main symbols you’ll encounter in the Indian Dreaming pokies:

  1. Buffalo: The buffalo symbol represents one of the iconic animals of the American West and serves as a high-value symbol in the game.
  2. Chief: The tribal chief symbol is another high-value symbol in Indian Dreaming. Landing multiple chief symbols on adjacent reels can lead to significant payouts.
  3. Dreamcatcher (Scatter): The dreamcatcher symbol acts as the scatter in the game. When you land three or more dreamcatcher symbols anywhere on the reels, it triggers the game’s free spins feature.
  4. Teepee: The teepee symbol is another thematic icon that adds to the Native American ambiance of the game.
  5. Tomahawk: The tomahawk is a traditional Native American weapon and serves as one of the game’s symbols.
  6. Totem Pole: The totem pole is another thematic symbol that contributes to the visual design of the game.
  7. Card Symbols: As is common in many pokies games, Indian Dreaming also includes lower-value symbols represented by standard playing card symbols, such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine. These symbols typically offer smaller payouts compared to the thematic symbols.
Indian Dreaming
Indian Dreaming Gamble Feature

There are different colored high ranking card symbols in Indian Dreaming and they are the lowest paying ones on the reels. The 9s will pay out 100 for 5 of them, the 10s will pay out 100, the Jacks will pay out 100, the Queens will pay out 100, the Kings will pay out 120 and the Aces will pay out 120. The other symbols all come together to help create the storyline and they do a fantastic job. The bonfire will pay out 250 for 5, the totem pole will pay out 250, the teepee will pay out 400, the battle axe will pay out 800, the dream catcher will pay out 800 and the Indian chief pays out 9000.

It’s important to note that the specific payouts and combinations for these symbols can vary based on your bet size and the game’s paytable. Additionally, the dreamcatcher scatter symbol has a special role in triggering the game’s bonus feature, as landing three or more of them initiates the free spins round, where additional multipliers and opportunities for big wins are possible.

Features Of Indian Dreaming Pokies

Indian Dreaming Paytable
Indian Dreaming Paytable

The “Indian Dreaming” pokies by Aristocrat offers several features that enhance the gaming experience and increase the potential for winning combinations. These features contribute to the game’s popularity and appeal. Here are the key features you’ll find in Indian Dreaming:

  1. 243 Ways to Win: Instead of traditional paylines, Indian Dreaming uses a 243-ways-to-win system. This means that you can form winning combinations by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right, regardless of their exact position on the reels. This system provides more frequent opportunities for wins.
  2. Wild Symbol: The tepee symbol serves as the game’s wild symbol. It can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol to help create winning combinations. When the wild symbol is part of a winning line, it can double the win.
  3. Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol is represented by a dream catcher. Landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the game’s free spins feature.
  4. Free Spins Feature: When you activate the free spins feature by landing three or more scatter symbols, you’re rewarded with a specific number of free spins. The number of free spins awarded depends on how many scatter symbols triggered the feature. During the free spins round, all wins are multiplied by a multiplier value, which can significantly boost your winnings.
  5. Gamble Feature: After a winning spin, you have the option to gamble your winnings using the gamble feature. In this feature, you can choose to predict the color (red or black) or the suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades) of a face-down playing card. Correctly guessing the color doubles your winnings, while correctly guessing the suit quadruples your winnings. However, an incorrect guess results in the loss of your winnings, so it adds an element of risk to your gameplay.
  6. AutoPlay: The AutoPlay feature allows you to set the game to automatically spin the reels for a specified number of rounds, allowing for a more hands-free gaming experience.
  7. Mobile Compatibility: The game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you can enjoy it on various platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

243 Ways to Win

Indian Dreaming winning combinations
Indian Dreaming winning combinations

The pokies machine introduced some new techniques to win the game. It mentioned about 243 different spins to win the game. It is the first game to do away with traditional paylines.

In a traditional pokies machine, there are specific paylines where you must land matching symbols to win. For example, you might have to get three matching symbols on a specific horizontal line to win a prize. In the 243 ways to win format, there are no fixed paylines.

To win in a 243 ways to win pokies, you need to land matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel and moving to the right. The exact positions of the symbols on the reels don’t matter; as long as you have matching symbols on consecutive reels, you win.

The trick is not to allow players to individually wager on a certain spin but place all of their wagers into most of the reels to win most of the possible outcomes. Indian Dreaming has been offering paylines now for over a decade.

With this format, there are 243 possible combinations (3x3x3x3x3) that can result in a win on a 5-reel pokies machine. This significantly increases the number of potential winning combinations compared to traditional slot games with a fixed number of paylines.

Free Spins

Indian Dreaming Free Games
Indian Dreaming Free Games

The free spins feature in the “Indian Dreaming” pokies by Aristocrat is one of the game’s most exciting and potentially rewarding elements. It’s worth noting that the free spins feature, with its multipliers, is one of the highlights of Indian Dreaming, as it can lead to substantial wins. The gamble feature, on the other hand, adds an element of risk and excitement for those who enjoy taking chances with their winnings.

Free Spins feature can significantly boost your winnings and add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Here’s how the free spins feature works in Indian Dreaming:

  1. Triggering the Free Spins: To activate the free spins feature, you need to land a specific number of scatter symbols (dreamcatchers) anywhere on the reels. The number of scatters required to trigger the feature is as follows:
    • 3 scatter symbols: 10 free spins
    • 4 scatter symbols: 15 free spins
    • 5 scatter symbols: 20 free spins
  2. Multiplier Effect: During the free spins round, all your winnings are subject to a multiplier. The exact multiplier value can vary, but it typically ranges from 3x to 15x. This means that all wins during the free spins are multiplied by the designated multiplier.
  3. Retriggering: It’s possible to retrigger the free spins feature while you’re already in the free spins round. To do this, you need to land more scatter symbols. If you land 3 or more additional scatter symbols during the free spins, you’ll receive another set of free spins, and the multiplier will apply to your new set of spins.

How to play Indian Dreaming

Indian Dreaming pokies to play
Indian Dreaming pokies to play

To play Indian Dreaming pokies you need to pick your mobile, download the Aristocrat free pokies apps and get started to play free pokies. It has 5 reels and 243 paylines, so any combination is a winning ticket. Here’s basic mechanics information about playing:

Set bets using “+/-” buttons. While playing Indian Dreaming pokie machine for free, minimum and maximum bets are 1 penny or 50 coins.

Hit «start» if ready to start spinning.

Hit «help» for a paytable and read about game bonuses.

Set up a number and press «play» to trigger an autoplay spins number setting.

If the gamble option lights up, get a 50/50 double or nothing mini-game.

This colourful and highly entertaining free pokies machine rewards players with the following special symbols: the Buffalo, the Totem Pole and the Chief. The Chief icon is the wild symbol, which substitutes all other symbols in the Indian Dreaming pokies machine except for scattering symbols.

Indian Dreaming pokies scatter symbols

For each 3 or more scatter symbols, get a bonus round, or a new multiplier is applied. Indian Dreaming pokie has special symbols like the wild represented as TeePee; matching it to similar icons will trigger a bonus or a new feature. You need 3 matching symbols to earn any reward; some are harder to match, but prizes increase depending on how many and the bet you placed. The wild feature introduced as TeePee icon. It replaces all other symbols except the scatter to help spot winning combos more easily.

The Chief also awards doubled payouts when it hits for winning combinations. The scatter symbol is the Buffalo pays instantaneously when it appears anywhere on the reels of the game screen. The exciting thing about the Buffalo is that it activates the free bonus game feature. You earn as many as 45 free games when three or more Buffalo scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

Indian Dreaming mobile app
Indian Dreaming mobile app

The Dream Catcher symbol represents it. Scatter lands on reels 2, 3, or 4 to trigger amazing rewards. At least 2 on payline trigger free spins bonus. 3, 4, and 5 scatter were rewarded with 10, 15, or 20 free spins. During this round, players get diverse multipliers between 3× – 15×.

Paytables are one key part of this game because they represent all possible symbol combinations and their payout once hitting any form of winning. Players get to select the number of payline to play with by pressing the set of number buttons, or the ‘Max’ button which automatically activates all 9 paylines. Players can also choose the number of reels to play with. In the unique 243 system, you can minimize the amount needed to place a payline bet by selecting a lower number of reels. However, this might limit your payouts.

Jackpot to win

This pokie has a jackpot of 9,000 coins, and this is big even if there is no progressive jackpot in the game.

You can play Indian Dreaming pokies for Android or iOS and have all the same features. Your chance of an Indian Dreaming big win is still the same regardless of which platform you use.

Indian Dreaming pokis is an excellent casino game to play any day of the week and at any time. Today might be your lucky day to spin pokies!

Where to play Indian Dreaming pokies

Heart of Vegas app
Heart of Vegas app

As an Australian you can play Indian Dreaming pokies at land casinos near you or at those online casinos that offer Aristocrat pokies. Some social casino apps and websites offer free versions of Indian Dreaming and other pokies games. These apps allow you to enjoy the slots without wagering real money, making them a good option for entertainment. To play Indian Dreaming Pokies you need to download and install Aristocrat free casino apps like Cashman Casino, Heart of Vegas and other such apps.

Pros and Cons of Indian Dreaming pokies

Indian Dreaming pokies by Aristocrat, like any pokies game, has its own set of pros and cons that can influence your gaming experience. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of playing Indian Dreaming pokies:

Engaging Theme: The Native American theme of Indian Dreaming sets it apart from many other pokie games, offering players a unique and culturally rich gaming experience.Volatility: The game’s volatility means that wins can be infrequent, and players may need to budget carefully to manage their bankroll effectively. Some sessions may result in smaller or no wins.
243 Ways to Win: The absence of traditional paylines and the 243-ways-to-win system increase the chances of forming winning combinations with each spin, adding excitement to the gameplay.No Progressive Jackpot: Indian Dreaming does not offer a progressive jackpot, which may disappoint players seeking the possibility of massive, life-changing wins.
Free Spins Feature: The free spins feature, with its multipliers, provides the potential for significant wins and adds excitement to the gameplay.Gamble Feature Risk: While the gamble feature can be exciting, it also carries the risk of losing your winnings if you make an incorrect guess.
Gamble Feature: The gamble feature offers players the opportunity to increase their winnings further, adding an element of risk and reward to the game.Availability: The availability of Indian Dreaming may vary depending on your location and the online casinos or gaming platforms that serve your region.
Mobile Compatibility: The game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you can enjoy it on various platforms, including smartphones and tablets.Learning Curve: For players new to the 243-ways-to-win system, there may be a learning curve in understanding how wins are calculated in this format.


Indian Dreaming pokies by Aristocrat offer players a captivating gaming experience with their Native American theme, 243-ways-to-win system, and engaging bonus features. While the game provides the potential for significant wins, its volatility and absence of a progressive jackpot should be taken into account. The game’s high-quality graphics and compatibility with mobile devices make it accessible and visually appealing to a wide range of players.


Q1. How can I play Indian Dreaming pokies online?

To play Indian Dreaming pokies online as an Australian you need to install Aristocrat free pokies app and play the game. For real bets you can visit any real land casino to play the game.

Q2. What is the 243-ways-to-win system in Indian Dreaming pokies?

The 243-ways-to-win system in Indian Dreaming pokies means that there are no fixed paylines. Instead, you can form winning combinations by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right, regardless of their specific positions on the reels.

Q3. What is the significance of the dream catcher symbol in Indian Dreaming pokies?

The dream catcher symbol in Indian Dreaming pokies serves as the scatter symbol. When you land three or more dream catchers anywhere on the reels, it triggers the game’s free spins feature, which can lead to significant winnings.

Q4. Is there a progressive jackpot in Indian Dreaming pokies?

No, Indian Dreaming pokies do not feature a progressive jackpot. Instead, the game offers substantial fixed payouts for landing multiple high-value symbols in a single spin.

Q5. Can I play Indian Dreaming pokies on my mobile device?

Yes, Indian Dreaming pokies are compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can enjoy the game on the go by accessing it through mobile-friendly online casinos or dedicated mobile apps, where available.

Q6. What is gamble feature?

To raise the ante even further, the Indian Dreaming poker machine comes with a ‘double feature’ or gamble feature that allows you to double your payouts by guessing the color of a mystery card. The chief symbol also enables you to double the prize you earn from winning combinations. To complete winning combos, all other symbols can be replaced with the central symbol except the buffalo scatter.

Q7. What is RTP of this pokies game?

This pokies have a huge RTP rate of 98.99%

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