How to import your iPhone data to Android mobile?

If you are looking for a wide range of smartphones then Android devices are the best which offer many wonderful features and come in different shapes and sizes as well as in all budgets to suit to everyone’s needs. So if you have an Android as well as an iPhone and you wish to transfer your iOS data to Android then here find as how to do it in simple to do steps. You can transfer everything across like your contacts, music, apps and all.

On your iPhone if you already are using Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps then it is too quick to transfer the data to Android.

As a first step download Google Drive to your iOS device and sign in with your Google account.

Google Drive

Open Google Drive on your iPhone, click Backup in the menu settings and select “Start Backup”. You can elect to back up select content if you don’t want to port everything across.  Note that a full backup may take several hours to complete – so make sure your phone is fully charged and connected to Wi-Fi.


Sign in on your Android device and follow the prompts. Also remember to de-register iMessage. Otherwise, some of your friends’ text messages might not make it to your new phone.

Obviously, you need to use the same Google account on your iPhone and Android device for the migration to work. Unfortunately, the above process won’t transport your message history from iMessage. If you want to keep your old messages for some reason, you will need to employ an additional third-party app. (read below about these apps)

Data to Android

Transferring messages and emails

iMessage doesn’t work on Google’s platform, and there’s no way to export all your message history into a comparable Android app. You’ll need to rely on third-party software and some rather convoluted processes to back it all up. iSMS2droid promises to import messages from an unencrypted backup you made in iTunes on your computer into Android. If you don’t need the backup on your phone, then PhoneView (macOS) and CopyTrans (Windows) are two of many tools that will let you browse your old missives to your heart’s content.

Transferring iMessage Data

As for emails, Apple’s system supports IMAP, so you can carry on checking your iCloud emails through Gmail on Android if you’re not having a fresh start and giving up your old email address completely. Tap the drop-down arrow on the Gmail app menu, choose Add account, and follow the configuration instructions provided by Apple. It’s the same process if you’re using any other kind of email app on your new Android device, like Outlook from Microsoft. The only requirement is that it supports the popular IMAP protocol.

You have a couple of other options if putting your iCloud account directly into Gmail doesn’t appeal. You can have all your Apple iCloud emails automatically forwarded to your new Gmail address, by going into iCloud Mail on the web and setting up forwarding — you can even delete the originals after they’re passed on. Alternatively, you can export all your old emails using Mail on a Mac just in case you ever need them again, then close down your Apple account.

Now try these steps and use your Android with confidence.