Hush App Aims to Double Smartphone Battery Life


We all have experienced the struggle of keeping our many apps from draining our cellphone battery at alarming rates. Soon an innovative new app will fight this battle for us: Hush. Hush is currently fighting to finally give both Iphone & Android users the hope they need to win back the long battery life that they want without having to delete their favorite apps.

Our favorite apps are often the root of the problem of the increasingly short battery life of our smartphones. The problem is compounded when your phone’s screen is off, making it impossible to figure out which apps are continuing to drain the battery. A new study made the shocking discovery that 46% of your battery drain happens when your phone is asleep. If you are going to avoid charging your phone every 5 minutes you need a way to fight back. For this reason the development of Hush is being hailed as one of the best developments for smartphone users worldwide.

Hush works by analyzing which apps are responsible for the most battery usage and suppressing the correct apps when your phone sleeps. Hush accomplishes this by prioritizing what needs to run based on how much you use each app. If you are an avid Twitter user it will continue to update your Twitter feed while suppressing your Facebook timeline, saving you up to 16% of your battery.

“Being able to reduce the total daily energy drain by about 16 percent is rather significant because you can extend the battery charge by one-sixth,” Y. Charlie Hu, a Purdue professor of electrical and computer engineering.

“The other surprise from the in-the-wild study was that about 18.5 per cent of the daily battery drain happens from so called maintenance activities including periodic WiFi beacons, WiFi scanning, and Cellular Paging,”

Unfortunately Hush is still in the development stage, but it is available as an experimental software through GitHub to developers. So save the champagne for when it gets integrated into both Android & Google stores. But don’t lose hope, it has received rave reviews from developers and aims to double the battery life of smartphones by the time it is finally available to the public.