HTC Plans to Redeem Themselves With These Smartphones

While 2017 was a rough year for HTC, this year looks surprisingly promising for the Taiwanese smartphone giant. Thanks to a $1.1 billion investment from Google and three looming smartphone releases, things are looking up. Even though optimism is improving, HTC has to make an epic comeback or go under. From layoffs in the US to lackluster sales, it’s no secret that 2017 rocked the company. Last year their revenue hovered at $2.1 billion, which was 20% lower than in 2016. To add insult to injury, they had to hand over 2,000 engineers to Google for their $1.1 billion deal.

Despite these setbacks, HTC is determined to show the world that they are still in the game. To solidify their comeback, they are hitting the ground running in 2018. The Desire 12, Desire 12 Plus & U12 Plus are all set to be released at the end of April and mid May. Whether these smartphones have the potential to save this faltering company remains to be seen.

Fortunately, the leaked information about these phones is extremely enticing. For this reason, we dove deep into the specs of these crucial releases. Prepare to be intrigued by these smartphones, since they are HTC’s last shot at redemption. The future of this company is riding on their success, so they went the extra mile!

Exploring HTC’s Next Releases


For a surprisingly comfortable price, users can get their hands on these attractive phones.

The Desire 12 & Desire 12 Plus – For those who are searching for quality smartphones on a budget, HTC didn’t disappoint. These two phones sport gorgeous 18:9 displays and even more appealing price tags. They also run off Android Oreo out the box, which is especially enticing for those who demand seamless software.

When looking at the Desire 12, it features all the design improvements that became standard in 2017. Its 5.5 inch, 18:9 screen boasts a gorgeous 1,440 x 720 HD+ resolution that’s powered by a quad-core MediaTek MT6739 chipset. Depending on the region, this is accompanied by 2GB RAM with 16 GB storage or 3GB RAM with 32 GB storage. Both options can be expanded up to 2 TB with a MicroSD card.

Just like the rest of the specs, the cameras are decent. The 13 MP rear camera has phase-detection autofocus while the front camera has 5 MP. The battery is 2,730 mAh, and there’s no fingerprint scanner. But with an estimated price tag of $225, these features are more than enough to seduce new customers.

For those who want a stronger smartphone that’s still affordable, the Desire 12 Plus is ideal. Its 6-inch display enjoys an 18:9 ratio and 1,440 x720 resolution. It sports 3GB RAM with 32 GB of internal storage that can be augmented with a 2TB MicroSD card. Out of all the features, the Desire 12 Plus’ camera is the most impressive. The rear camera has a dual camera setup with 13 MP + 2 MP and an 8 MP front camera. All these perks are quite appealing for a phone with a $300 price tag.


These leaked images confirm the new camera layout.

U12 Plus – Even though the details fluctuate, what we do know about the U12 Plus is extremely impressive. While the 6-inch screen with an LCD panel and WQHD+ resolution is intriguing, the cameras are where the action is at. It boasts four cameras, with two 8 MP selfie cameras on the front and a 12+16MP combo on the back. This daring array of cameras will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and a 3,420 mAh battery.

Users will be able to choose between 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage with MicroSD card slots. The U12 Plus will debut HTC’s second-generation Edge Sense software, which allows clients to trigger apps by squeezing the sides. All these features make it obvious that HTC is aiming to impress users with larger than life phones. While the U12 Plus does look promising, we will have to wait till May to see if it lives up to the hype.