HTC is Back With the U11 Plus

For Android users who love phablets, the HTC U11 Plus is ready to steal the show. While the original U11 garnered praise, this new release takes things a step further. From a bigger screen size to a beefed-up battery, the U11 Plus has undergone some epic upgrades. Each phone caters to different tastes, but the U11 Plus was made for those who think bigger is better. While the jury is out on which is ideal, this release proves that HTC is ready to take 2017 by storm.

While it release won’t be available in America, the U11 Plus is ready to take over the rest of the world. HTC has big plans of expanding in Europe and Asia, with this model being its key selling point. We were lucky enough to get our hands on this phone to see if it lives up to the hype. What we discovered was absolutely shocking, since this release surprised us at every turn. Prepare to get an intimate look at the release that promises to put HTC back on the map!

Exploring the HTC U11 Plus

U11 Plus

This phone has received a major upgrade.

At first glance, the U11 Plus instantly reminds you that this model is larger than life. HTC shrunk the bezels to fit the new 6-inch screen into a model that’s only slightly larger than its predecessor. While it’s not too intimidatingly big, it weighs 188 grams. This is notably heavier than the original U11, which clocks in at 169 grams. While this isn’t a deal breaker, you can certainly feel the difference.

Weight issues aside, HTC did a great job with the display. They stayed loyal to LCD displays, which provide crisp, vibrant images. In total the resolution is 2880 x 1440 with a 82% screen to body ratio. This puts it on par with LG’s G6 and V30. To sweeten the deal, HTC has vowed to support HDR10 video with a new software update.

While the display is impressive, the battery is where the action is at. HTC beefed up the original battery to 3,930mAh, which provides 31% more juice. This is an impressive upgrade for a phone that already had some of the best battery performance in the industry. Unfortunately, implementing a bigger battery came at a cost. On top of being heavier, the U11 Plus lost the tapered edges of its predecessor. Losing the curved back isn’t a deal breaker, but it makes the phone feel clunky.

U11 Plus

This design is still seductive!

Despite losing its sleek design, the U11 Plus still features everything we love. It upgraded its waterproofing to IP68-rated, which was a welcome improvement from the IP167-rated U11. Aside from this improvement, the U11 Plus features all the amenities of the first release. This includes the choice between 4GB of Ram with 64GB of storage and 6GB of Ram with 128GB of storage. It will also run Android 8 Oreo, which is a nice addition to sweeten the deal.

At the end of the day, HTC did a fantastic job with the U11 Plus. They managed to beef up the original model without going overboard. It features the same squeeze features to open up menus and Google Assistant. These features may not put it on the same level as Samsung or Apple, but it’s closing the gap extremely quickly. For those who want a quality Android phone, they can’t go wrong with the U11 Plus.