HTC 10 Surprises Users With Epic Improvements

HTC 10 1

HTC has silenced critics with their powerful new phone.

Move over Samsung & LG, HTC is stealing the show this year with the release of the HTC 10. HTC is reinventing themselves with this surprisingly powerful flagship phone. The HTC 10 claims to harness the “Power of 10”, which means all the new improvements make the phone more powerful as a whole. With its sexy all metal design, beefed up camera & vibrant speakers, this is a promise that can easily be believed. HTC is hoping to convert more users by creating a smartphone too irresistible to say no to. Indeed this phone’s larger than life features are tantalizing enough to make us forget about the lackluster performance of the HTC 9.

HTC 10 is a Bold Step for Smartphones

HTC 10 2

This sleek all metal design is tempting people to switch to HTC.

One thing that makes the HTC 10 stand out is its appealing design. It’s all glass front offers a seductive view that’s sure to catch people’s attention. Throw in the fact that it has an all metal body & you have a phone that was built to last. HTC put this phone through a series of rugged tests to ensure that it could handle almost any type of abuse. The HTC can officially withstand 168 hours of extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F). Plus it can survive over 10,000 drops, bend, scratch and corrosion tests. Even though this smartphone still needs a case to protect its beautiful glass screen, it’s still tough as nails.

One of the biggest improvements that HTC made was reinventing the HTC 10’s camera. Both its front & rear cameras harness the power of “the world’s first optically stabilized, larger aperture f/1.8 lenses”. It also is breaking records with its improved laser autofocus & wide angled lenses. Their camera has a lightning fast reaction time of 0.6 seconds. As well as 12 million UltraPixels (1.55um per pixel) at its disposal to give a more detailed shot. The rear camera has the shooting power of 12mp while the front camera boasts 5mp.

HTC 10 3

The HTC 10 is a flagship phone that’s ready to go to battle against Samsung & LG.

Another innovative feature is the HTC 10’s tricked out speaker system. It’s a fully customizable powerhouse that lets you switch from 16-bit to 24-bit audio to cater to your hearing. The BoomSound Hi-Fi speakers offer a separated tweeter & woofer design, with each one having its own amplifier. All these gadgets give you a headphone amp that’s twice as powerful as its competitors.

If you thought those specs were intriguing, there is a whole lot more to get excited about. The HTC 10’s quad HD display gives you crystal clear visuals that are 30% more colorful & 50% more responsive than its predecessor. It also has a super fast fingerprint scanner that unlocks your phone in 0.2 seconds. Its battery can also be charged up to 50% in under 30 minutes.

All things considered, the HTC 10 is pretty impressive. They used the public criticism of their earlier models to create a blueprint on how to win us over. With all these improved features HTC is finally ready to compete with Samsung & LG.