How Auto Play In Pokies Work

Auto Play In Pokies

Auto play in pokies is a function given on the gaming screen where reels spin automatically. What I did was I simply pressed the Auto Play button and the pokies game began to play itself.

I had my hands free, and no longer required to tap or click the spin button to play the pokies game.

Now pokies automatically began the action. What I found using this auto play function was that whenever I felt tired I used auto play.

The only drawback of this function is that it makes the spinning of the pokies reel much faster.

One tip I want to share with you is that you can use both: your hands and auto play and see the difference.

I made winning combinations easily using both. Was I beating the odds of pokies, I don’t know.

Experts believe that auto play won’t improve your chances of winning and it doesn’t change how a pokie machine works or change its algorithm.

How to use Auto Play in Pokies?

Auto play settings
Auto play settings where you choose the bet size and number of lines

  • You will find Auto Play button below your pokies game screen (generally located on the right-hand side of your gaming screen).
  • All you need is to set it up and choose how many automated spins you want, how many paylines, how much you want to play or bet for etc.
  • Once activated, you can sit back and relax and watch the machine do the spinning work for you, showing the results of each spin before moving on to the next.
  • With some pokies, you will also be able to program the game to stop should you win/lose beyond a certain amount.
  • The reason for this is to protect you from exhausting your bankroll when you are not so lucky and also to help you hold onto your winnings instead of watching them slip away when your luck suddenly turns against you.
  • Remember at any time during your game, you have the right to deactivate this feature. It is your money, after all, so you remain in control.

How to manage yourself when playing pokies

When to use the Auto play in Pokies?

Auto Play Function on Pokies game
Auto Play Function on Pokies game

Well, the answer to this entirely depends on your gameplay. Suppose you are trying to quickly clear a bonus, i.e. get through the wagering requirements as soon as possible you can use the Autoplay feature. 

Or if there is a large progressive jackpot to play for, and you want to give yourself the best possible odds of winning it by maximizing your spins in a short period of time before anyone else grabs it.

You should not use the Autoplay feature in pokies if you want to enjoy every aspect of pokie play. Though Auto Play saves time you will miss a lot of animations and special effects which is also amicable to watch.

Auto play should also not be used if you have a particular betting strategy in mind, as it will not allow you to adjust your betting amounts between spins.

Pros and Cons

Auto play in Wild Spin pokies
Auto play in Wild Spin pokies

Your bet size or wagers remain constant even if you by accident hit the max button on your keyboard because auto play is designed to either ignore you or to stop the spin.You might miss that message how much you have won before the next spin starts, because game is fast.
With hands free Auto play also allows you the freedom to attend to other tasks such as answering the phone while the game keeps playing or drinking.You can easily become distracted and activate all the paylines using your entire bankroll.
With the reels spinning automatically, your pokie game experience is enjoyable and almost seamless.To activate a bonus games or free spins the auto-play is disabled.

Is Auto Play worth?

Auto Play Use or not
Red Arrow pointing left side is Auto Play and on Right Side is Tap to Spin.

It depends on your choice. Whether you want to run Auto play to play pokies or simply spin manually. One thing is for sure is that it is not going to improve your chances of winning.

Only thing that will affect is the speed of the game as reels will spin faster.

Apart from taking all the fun away, since you will be simply watching the reels spin by themselves, you won’t be able to make adjustments to the bets while the Auto play is on.

However, some pokies allow you to set a stop-loss limit on Auto play, meaning that it will stop once you’ve lost a set amount of money. You, therefore, choose how you want to play pokies. For me I use it some time when I feel to see the speed of the game.

Final Thoughts

Many players consider using hands to play the game much better than using the auto play in pokies. Maybe these punters think that using this will affect your gameplay, though this is a myth. 

Also whether you use the Auto Play feature in pokies or not, pokies are a game of chance and entirely depend on your luck factor.


What is Auto Play in Pokies

Auto play in pokies is a function tool where the game spins the reels on its own.

What is the benefit of using this tool?

It will speed up the game and make your hands free.

Is Auto Play found in all types of pokies?

Generally it is found in all type of video pokies to play at online casinos. Also at land casinos where pokies machines allow players to play on Auto mode.

How can I activate Auto Play?

Simply press the Auto Play button, select the paylines and your bet.

What is important when using this tool?

Even though the game is playing automatically, keep an eye on your balance and game progress this is most important.

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