How to Uninstall and Force Quit an App on Android

Apps Settings Screen

With so many of Apps on your Android, you must have felt that among them mostly are not used at all. You may have with Lollipop downloaded all the apps from your old device to your new phone but most of them are now of no use.  It is not necessary to install all the apps when your android asks for but you should do the needful when you seem it necessary. Here you will find how to uninstall an app that you do not wish to have any more on your Android.

First open up the settings menu and scroll to apps.

Settings Menu

Scroll through the app list and find the app you want to uninstall.

App List

Click on the app’s title in the list, hit uninstall, and when prompted, click ‘OK.’

Repeat for any other apps you only just realised were still on your phone as you scrolled through this list of installed.  Your App Manager will delete the Apps.

Sometimes you will find that this does not work and there is an unresponsive app.

These apps may ask you to force close an app with a pop up

Again like the above you have to open up the settings menu on your Android phone and navigate to ‘Apps.’

Scroll through the list of apps to find the app you’re looking for. This list is alphabetical, just like your main app drawer. If you like, you can swipe from right to left to switch to ‘Running’ apps. This list shows you every app that is currently active on your phone.

Select the app you want to close and click ‘Force stop.’

Force Stop App Screen

Try relaunching the app to see if your force quit has resolved the issue. If not, try clearing the app’s cached data. Sometimes old data can result in a glitchy app. Do not click “clear data” unless you want to lose all information associated with the app (like message history and photos in WhatsApp).

Isn’t this simple! Now control your apps the way you like.