How to Transfer iPhone Data to Android?

Transfer iPhone Data to Android

Transfer iPhone data to Android mobile is easily done with simple methods. It all depends on how much data or apps you have on iPhone.

Before you start, you need to back up your data. You can do so with iCloud, the Google One storage app, Google Drive, or by storing everything on a computer.

You can transfer everything, including your contacts, music, and apps like pokies games, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

One more thing you can do is turn off or disable iMessage so that you can receive and send messages on your Android. You can do this by going to the iPhone’s settings menu.

You can deregister for iMessage by visiting Apple’s support page and finding iMessage. Scroll to the “No longer have your iPhone” section. Enter your phone number, click the confirmation link, and enter the code Apple sends to your phone to complete the process.

Also, turn off FaceTime.

Now you are ready to transfer your iPhone Data to your Android mobile.

How to Transfer iPhone Data to Android?

You can do this in any of the following ways, and this is what you need:

  1. USB-C–to–Lightning cable
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Google Account
  4. Google One
  5. Samsung Smart Switch app
  6. Google Switch To Android app

1. USB-C–to–Lightning cable

USB cable to transfer
USB cable to transfer iPhone data to Android

  • You will need Wi-Fi or the Internet to transfer iPhone data to Android mobile.
  • Now select the apps and data to transfer.
  • When prompted to use your old device, tap Next and connect your iPhone to your Android phone with a USB-C–to–Lightning cable.
  • Now select the data like apps, contacts, messages, and photos you want to transfer.
  • This process will take time, depending upon the data volume you want to transfer.

TIP: If you have set a password or screen lock, remove it before starting the process.

2. Over the Wi-Fi with an App

Switch to android app
Switch to Android app

  • You can transfer your data over the WI-FI without cable.
  • You can start the transfer on your Android mobile by selecting Next when prompted to use your old device. Select the No cable option and then tap Copy without cable. 
  • Choose Switching from your iPhone device, and from there, sign in to your Google account.
  • Install the Switch To Android app on your iPhone from Apple’s App Store to transfer your contacts, calendar events, photos, and videos over Wi-Fi.

TIP: You must have Android 12 and up to use the Switch to Android app.

3. Using the Samsung Smart Switch app

Samsung Smart Switch
Samsung Smart Switch

  • A dedicated Samsung Smart Switch App transfers iPhone data to Samsung mobile.
  • You can use a USB-to-Lightning cable to connect your old iPhone to your new Samsung phone or transfer data wirelessly.
  • With cable, you can connect the two phones and follow the prompts.
  • To do it without any wire, you download and open the Samsung Smart Switcha pp.
  • Next, tap on Receive Data
  • Select iPhone and select Get Data from iCloud
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Now Sign in to iCloud
  • You receive a prompt on your iPhone; tap Allow to see the verification code.
  • Enter that verification code on your Samsung device, tap Connect, and tap OK on your iPhone to clear the code pop-up.
  • Select the apps and data you want to transfer, and then tap Transfer to start the process.

Transfer data with Smart Switch

4. iCloud Data to Android

iCloud also helps transfer data to Android

  • When I tried to transfer iCloud data to Android, I had to do a few things.
  •  I visited Apple’s Data and Privacy page 
  • Then, I logged in using my Apple ID and password.
  • The selected request is to transfer a copy of your data. 
  • All my data, including my precious photos, were there.
  • The prompt asked to choose the transfer destination.
  • So, I chose to bring my photos and videos over to Google Photos and click Continue. 
  • I was prompted to sign in to Google.
  • Next, I checked the Add to Google Photos library box and tapped to continue.
  • Once my data was transferred to my Android, I could move iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos.
  • This entire process is safe to use.

Tip: If you want your iPhone Notes and Reminder apps note that they will not automatically transfer as part of the iCloud process. You will have to copy and paste your notes to a note-taking app such as Google Keep and do the same for your reminders app data, and use app called Tasks.

How to transfer messages and emails

Air message
Air Message

iMessage doesn’t work on Google’s platform, and there’s no way to export all your message history into a comparable Android app.

You’ll need to rely on third-party software and some rather convoluted processes to back it all up

AirMessage is a third-party messaging service that allows you to use iMessage on non-Apple devices. It’s available on Android and the web.

iSMS2droid promises to import messages from an unencrypted backup you made in iTunes on your computer into Android.

If you don’t need the backup on your phone, then PhoneView (macOS) and CopyTrans (Windows) are two of many tools that will let you browse your old missives to your heart’s content.

Email Transfer

  • As for emails, Apple’s system supports IMAP, so you can carry on checking your iCloud emails through Gmail on Android if you’re not having a fresh start and giving up your old email address completely.
  • Tap the drop-down arrow on the Gmail app menu, choose Add account, and follow the configuration instructions provided by Apple.
  • It’s the same process if you’re using any other kind of email app on your new Android device, like Outlook from Microsoft. The only requirement is that it supports the popular IMAP protocol.
  • Also you can have all your Apple iCloud emails automatically forwarded to your new Gmail address, by going into iCloud Mail on the web and setting up forwarding — you can even delete the originals after they’re passed on.

Alternatively, you can export all your old emails using Mail on a Mac just in case you ever need them again, then close down your Apple account.

How to transfer iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos

What all can you transfer and how

Following is what you can transfer and how, according to Google

TransferCable or Wi-Fi
Photos and videosBoth
Calendar eventsBoth
Free Apps that are downloaded from the Google Play StoreOnly with Cable
MusicOnly with Cable
Texts, iMessages, and most iMessage content, like photos, videos, and other mediaOnly with Cable
NotesWith Cable
Wallpapers that use your on-device photosWith Cable
Call historyCable only
WhatsApp chats and dataCable onlu=y

What this means for you

You can easily Transfer iPhone Data to Android mobile. All you need is a USB cable wire, Internet connection and few apps to do so.

You have to charge both iPhone and Android mobile before starting to transfer the data.

Make sure you can unlock the devices with a PIN, pattern, or password. You also need to see how much storage you have to store the data.


What is the easiest way to transfer iPhone data to Android mobile?

You can easily transfer iPhone data to Android with USB C cable wire.

What is the use of Samsung Smart Switch?

It is the best app for transferring data from iPhone to Samsung Android. You can transfer Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Notes, Call History, Bookmarks, Music, Video, and more!

Any app to transfer music?

Yes, there is an app called Touch Copy.  For Music, TouchCopy can transfer all music stored on an iPhone – not just music purchased via iTunes.

Can I sync Photos and Videos from iPhone to Android with Google Photos?

You can upload your photos from your iPhone to Google Photos. Once uploaded, you can access your photos on any device with your Google account. You get 15GB of free space with your Google account – so if you need more space for all your iPhone photos and videos, you will have to pay for it.

How to sync contacts from iPhone to Android with Google One?

Install Google One on your iPhone and sign into your Google account. At the bottom of the screen, tap “Set up Sync”. Finally, tap “Upload contacts”.

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