Track Unwanted Phone Number with Location on your Mobile

How to track unwanted calls on your mobile
How to Track Unwanted Phone Number with Location on your Mobile?

No one likes unwanted phone calls on their mobile. If you don’t know a person and receive a call you want to know who is the caller and where he or she is calling from. Android mobiles have many apps at Google Play that are useful in tracking such mysterious phone calls. The curiosity to know the caller is one thing, but the security of safety of oneself is also important and therefore if you receive anonymous calls on your mobile you must have moble tracker apps on your android or iOS to track the unwanted phone number with location on your mobile.

Track Unwanted Phone Number

Before you download the mobile tracker apps you should know that it depends on your network carriers to give you the exact location of the caller. Also if you are troubled by any such caller you can report to the police or any federal agency to locate the phone number.

Remember that if you received any call from an international number it will come with a specific country code.

Also, note that many apps may or might not be compatible with your mobile OS.

Mobile Tracker Apps

1. True Caller App

Track Unwanted Phone Number
True Caller App

This app is one of the most popular apps used worldwide to track unwanted phone number. This free app also allows you to stop spam or scam calls, report the calls or block unwanted calls on your mobile. This is essentially a Caller ID app. It creates a database of users and helps connect the dots across the entire user base to find the name of the caller, their regional location, and more.

You can use Truecaller as your default Phone and SMS app as well. And it will automatically block and reject unsolicited calls and messages. Using the Truecaller Search feature, you can look up a number, find the name associated with it. Get their general location such as the Country and State they are in. Along with associated details such as their email address as well. And immediately use the Block feature if you want to stop receiving that call.

Download this app all free now and requires a 4.1 and up android device.

2. Truth Finder App

Truthfinder app=-mobile tracker apps
Truth Finder App

Rated 4.6 at the play store this track unwanted phone number app is one of the best mobile tracking apps. It is one of the most comprehensive background check apps you’ll find out there. All you need is to sign up for the service. It presents you the ability to search for someone as a Person, through a Phone number, look up someone’s Email, and even get information about people based on their Location.

This app is a freemium app where you can find a surprising amount of detail about a person. Including their given name, related contacts and possible relatives, location, email address, and even goes as far out to find out possible registered sex offenders in your neighbourhood, so you’re safe at all times. With the premium subscription unlocked, you can find out the social profiles, assets, educational qualifications and so much more from just a person’s name.

Download the app now which requires 4.4 up android mobile and works best for US phone users.

3. Reverse Lookup App

Reverse look up app

Reverse Lookup is a basic mobile tracker with a simple user interface. Here you can look up a number directly from your recent calls. Or use the Manual Entry option to enter the number. Simply copy and paste the number into the search box and hit the Search button to look up the name of the caller, along with their regional location.

From here on, you can choose to Dial the number, Save Contact, Send Future Calls To Voicemail, and even use the Expanded Search Options to further investigate the phone number. There is even a Discussions tab where you can drop in questions or your experience with the caller, and you’ll usually find responses from other users when discussing a common spammer.

Download the free app now and requires 4.0 and up on Android mobile device

4. Showcaller App

Showcaller app

Showcaller is a mobile tracker app that gives you a better way to find out who’s calling you from a phone number you may not have saved in your contacts, notifying you about a spam call right away so you don’t even have to bother picking it up. This caller ID app comes with a separate Search section to help you find details of a contact based on their name or the phone number from their massive directory of over 4 billion contacts. Directly using the contact screen, you can choose to Save the contact, block and report it, and even find the location of the number. Showcaller even offers you an entire Comments section to help other users stay away from potential spammers.

Download this app now and compatibility varies with device.

5. Whoscall App

Whoscall app

This app is quite similar to the Truecaller app and maintains a directory of users to help find numbers and root out spam callers, Whoscall also offers a built-in SMS and Phone app that can take over the stock apps to help you manage unknown callers more efficiently. This app works more efficient in finding work /commercial contact numbers. This call tracking service can not only help you easily find the identity of the caller, but also point to the location, offer opening/closing hours for public stores, and even find community-based reports for the listing.

Download this app now and requires a 4.1 and up device

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Also emobiletracker is one of the best sites to trace any phone call in Australia.

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