How To Stream Quibi In Australia?

How To Stream Quibi In Australia?
How To Stream Quibi In Australia?

The brand new streaming service has hit the market and is available in Australia. Quibi, short for ‘Quick Bites’, is completely different to other streaming services as it only features short-form content.

In fact, each episode of every show on Quibi is less than 10 minutes long; and you can stream it only through an app on a mobile device. Big-name stars feature in some of the content; including Chrissy Teigan, LeBron James, Bill Murray, Demi Lovato,  Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few.

Users can also view news programming from the likes of BBC, TMZ and The Weather Channel.

Quibi comes with a 90-day free trial, and after that, it will cost $12.99 a month in Australia. If you’re on Android you can download it from Google Play Store and for iOS you can get it on the App Store.

Quibi was launched on; April 6th, with about 50 shows and movies, mixing original scripted films, unscripted reality shows, and daily news. 

At launch, there are four “lighthouse” original movies, broken up into smaller chapters: a remake of The Most Dangerous Game (starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz), Survive (with Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins), Flipped (starring Will Forte, Kaitlin Olson, Arturo Castro, Eva Longoria, and Andy Garcia), and When the Streetlights Go On (with no one you’ve probably heard of).

There are also 19 unscripted series at launch, including Murder House Flip, Chance the Rapper’s new take on Punk’d, and more.

Lastly, there are Quibi’s “Daily Essential” news shows; which will be updated daily — some at 6:30 AM ET, some at 12 PM ET; and a batch at 6 PM ET — to provide fresh content throughout the day.

Features of Quibi

Features of Quibi
Features of Quibi

Quibi shows are much shorter than traditional TV or movies; each episode (or “chapter,” for the broken-up films) runs between five and 10 minutes. It should be a very different experience than regular streaming shows; but Quibi’s pitch is that it’ll still offer content on a quality level to match major movies and shows; just in a much shorter package.

Quibi’s biggest feature (or gimmick, depending on whom you ask) is its rotational video called “Turnstyle.” Instead of committing to landscape video, like traditional entertainment, or vertical video, as popularized by social apps like Instagram Stories or TikTok, Quibi promises that all of its content will be designed with both viewing formats in mind to better suit mobile users and commuters.

How to stream Quibi in Australia?
Features of Quibi

According to a Verge report on a practical level; that means you can effectively stream two copies of any Quibi show at the same time — one in vertical and one in the landscape — theoretically allowing the app to seamlessly switch between the two as you rotate your phone. Quibi says these videos will use up to 20 per cent more data than traditional videos in a single orientation.

Remember you need to have rotation lock enabled on your phone to stream two copies of Quibi

Also, Quibi’s logic here is that the only place you’ll be watching it is on your phone; which isn’t the sort of shared device (like a TV) that would necessitate profiles. So if you were planning to try to share a single Quibi account, that’s something to keep in mind.


You can share a Quibi Australia account with friends and family, but only one of you will be able to watch at a time. Quibi only allows a single concurrent stream.

You can download everything on Quibi Australia locally to your device; so you can watch when you lack an internet connection. Offline content works just like it does when you’re streaming it; with the ability to freely switch between horizontal and vertical orientations for content.

Click here to find which shows are streamed at Quibi

Stream Quibi In Australia – Quibi Australia Subscriptions

Quibi Australia Subscriptions
Quibi Australia Subscriptions
  • Your subscription begins after your free trial, if applicable, and will auto-renew each month.
  • You can switch plans in your in-app settings. Or cancel your subscription anytime via the App Store.
  • Payment will be charged to your App Store account each month; unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the renewal date.
  • You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your App Store account settings and selecting Subscriptions.
  • In case of cancellation of the subscription, it will be effective at the end of the current subscription period.
  • You cannot get any refunds; and will not get any free trial (without use); when you change your existing subscription to Quibi (Ad-Free).

Now you can head to to sign up for the 90-day free trial, and then download the Quibi app for Android or iOS to watch. Current device support includes mobile android devices OS 7.1 (or higher) and iOS devices 11.0 (or higher).

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