How to stream mobile games from your Android mobile to YouTube?

You Tube Gaming

Whether it is pokies or any other video games there are so many games apps released each year at play store or iTunes that you get to experience the best of mobile gaming. But how about playing your mobile games and streaming on You tube. YouTube Gaming is a service which was developed to rival Twitch (owned by Amazon). The mobile app for YouTube Gaming not only allows you to watch compilations and live streams of your favorite gamers, but also stream your very own mobile games directly to the world’s largest video sharing platform.

So this means that now you can stream mobile games from your Android device to YouTube and have gamers following you online.

Here is how to stream mobile games from your Android mobile to You Tube

You Tube Gaming app

As a first step first Download the YouTube Gaming app.

Now Open the YouTube Gaming app and click on the Get Started button

You’ll be automatically signed in if you are using your saved Google account, but you can change the account you use with YouTube Gaming by using the Switch accounts.

Next tap the first icon on the top-right corner to open Mobile Capture and hit Next.

Go to the Settings screen, and choose to Stream or Record the gaming video you’re about to begin.

Based on your network connection, you can choose to stream and record in 720p HD or 480p SD quality and hit the Next.

All of the notifications and the in-game audio sounds being played on your Android device will be recorded when you use the Mobile Capture feature.

The next screen will ask you to Select app that you want to stream or record with YouTube gaming.

Once you’ve selected the game that you want to stream or record, hit the Start Now.

You tube game app

The game will now launch with the YouTube Gaming app’s overlay to help you record the footage.

Press the Record button to and you’ll see a tiny red dot appear next to your front camera feed at the bottom-left corner.

To bring up the menu bar, tap on your image feed at the bottom-left corner, from where you can choose to start/stop the microphone, the front-camera feed, pause the video or even stop the recording.

You can even press the Settings icon to reduce the size of the front-camera feed that appears on the screen.

Once you’ve completed the recording, you’ll be automatically redirected to the YouTube Gaming app. Here you can set the title of the video, add a description, add a filter to the video and even crop the length of the video itself.

Click the Send button at the top-right corner and your recording will now be uploaded to your very own YouTube channel.

Features of the You Tube gaming app

You Tube Gaming- Features

With videos covering Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and tens of thousands more, it’s all on YouTube Gaming where you can record, stream, watch a trailer of the game and live chat with your friends.

Some of the best features are that you can watch videos from more than 25,000 games; Get recommended videos based on games you lov;  Browse dedicated pages for every game, as well as publisher and gamer channels; explore categories from reviews to let’s plays, machinima, eSports, and more; Receive live stream notifications to keep up with the action;  Join a community of publishers and gamers over 100 million strong and  Tune in to live streams of events like E3, PAX, and Gamescom

The Youtube gaming apps require 4.1 and up compatible android device to run all smooth.

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