How to stop automatic app updates on your Android device

App updates in Android

You hear the alert in your android that your app has been updated. That is because your phone is automatically updating the apps even without your knowledge.  App updates within the Google Play Store are a fact of life for Android users. It is no harm in the updates but also no good. It takes out extra battery from your phone as the update is running in the background of your phone. Also you don’t need that app update or you use that app not so often or not interested any longer.  Or may be you like the app but it gets updated behind your back and you do not know what new features they have.

So how can you stop the updates to run automatically?  It is quite easy and you can turn them off by yourself.

Just follow a few simple steps given below and you’ll be in control of your updates in no time.

The easiest way to disable automatic app updates on your device is to use the phone’s software. This should work for both Lollipop and Marshmallow users.

The first thing to do is to open the “Play Store” app on your device.

Next you will find a box containing three parallel lines next to the search field, click on  it.

The menu should now appear. Now tap on the “Settings” option

Next tap on the option titled “auto update apps” in the “general” section.

Here, you will have a range of options. Simply choose “do not auto update apps”

App Updates

That’s it. You have done.

It is not necessary that you choose to disable the updates on your Android. It is your choice. If you but think you can do with it then atleast check the alert when your any app gets updated so that may not know you may find something useful that can even enhance your device or any utility feature.

If you have not set notifications for App updates then simply click on the “notifications” option on the “settings menu.” Making things easier is in your hands.