How To Play Peek Baccarat?

How to play Peek Baccarat

Play Peek Baccarat at online casinos with real money. It is the new live version of Baccarat game. Powered by Evolution games here you get the wonderful opportunity to “peek” at one to four cards mid-game and then increase the initial bet if the revealed cards are beneficial for your hand. This is the first Baccarat ever to give players this unique opportunity to predict the outcome of the round and adjust their bets during gameplay.

So when you play Peek Baccarat the feature to peek at the cards not only increases the gameplay excitement but also gives an opportunity to maximise players’ potential payout.

Although the rules are the same as standard Baccarat, this game stands out with stunning gold and green environment and introduces a new expanding betting grid for adjusting bets mid-game.

You need to remember that Peek Baccarat has a 20% fee when placing a bet on either Player or Banker for a chance to see between one and four cards before finalizing the bet.

The unique feature of the game lies in the “peek” feature – after betting time is over, the dealer will deal two cards face down to both the Player and Banker. And this is where the excitement kicks in, as the dealer will reveal one, two, three or four cards for the player to peek at.

If the revealed cards are beneficial for the player’s hand, the player can choose to Double or Triple their bet by using the unique expanding betting grid. This is a great opportunity to change a decision after normal betting time is over.

Play Peek Baccarat- The Rules

Rules to play Peek Baccarat
Peek Baccarat table

Play Peek Baccarat with 8 deck of cards and same rules apply as you play the game of standard Baccarat.

Player Peek Baccarat is standard house‐banked Mini‐Baccarat but with revised rules of play including an Ante bet.  All rules pertaining to standard Mini‐Baccarat remain the same except as listed in these rules of play. Player Peek Baccarat is an exciting Mini‐Baccarat variation, where the bettors Ante before the game begins, then make a Player or Banker bet after seeing the first two Player cards. The Player or Banker bet shall equal the Ante. The Ante only pays for non‐natural winners by a margin of 7 or more (see paytable), and all other winners push. All ties lose, but an optional Tie Bet can be made paying 9 to 1 for any tie. Player Peek Baccarat is dealt out of an 8‐deck shoe, using standard Mini‐Baccarat drawing rules.

The rules of the game are as follows:

Peek Baccarat- Paytable
Peek Baccarat- Paytable

1. Each bettor shall wager an Ante before the hand begins.

2. The dealer deals the first two cards to the Player and Banker alternating per standard Mini‐Baccarat procedure.

3. The dealer turns over the Player’s first two cards face up but keeps the Banker’s two cards face down.  

4. At this point, each bettor shall then elect to either:

a. wager 1x Ante on the Player hand to win

b. wager 1x Ante on the Banker hand to win

c. fold the Ante.  

5. After the Player or Banker bets are made, the two Banker cards are revealed.

6. The hand is then completed following standard Mini‐Baccarat drawing rules for Player and Banker.

7. After the Baccarat hand is finished, each bettor’s Ante and Player or Banker bets are resolved.

8. Winning Player or Banker bets are paid even‐money. No commission is paid on winning Banker bets.

9. The Ante bets pay odds for non‐natural winners by 7 points or more, all others push.

10. All ties lose, but players can still win 9 to 1 on the optional Tie Bet.

11. For any losing bets, the bettor loses both the Ante and Player or Banker bets.

Note that a commission of 5% is taken from banker wins including any peek bets and 20% fee when placing a bet on either Player or Banker. No fee is taken from Tie, Banker and player bets.

The RTP of the main hand is 98.80%.

Where to play Peek Baccarat?

Peek Baccarat at Bitstarz
Peek Baccarat at Bitstarz Casino

You can play Peek Baccarat at Bitstarz Casino.

Play Peek Baccarat software provider has an innovative approach to providing quality action and entertainment, and you can experience it when you play Live Baccarat. Easily navigable, the lobby and game interfaces feature various controls you can use to switch from regular to full-screen viewing mode, turn off game sounds, open multiple Live Baccarat tables at which to play, see your betting history including wins and losses, and access the live chat feature.

Also, the Evolution online casinos, which are Australian-friendly, offer great bonus offers to play live games, which is another plus point for increasing your bankroll while playing Baccarat online.

How to play Standard Baccarat?

Standard game of Baccarat
Standard game of Baccarat

In Baccarat, there are two hands being dealt, the player’s hand and the banker’s hand.  When you play baccarat online, you can choose to bet on the dealer. Or you can choose to bet on the player. Or you can choose to bet on a tie.

Once you’ve placed your bet, the cards are dealt. The goal of baccarat is to get as close to 9 as possible. At first, the two hands are dealt both cards. Here’s what will happen based on what the cards totals are:

  • If the hand totals 0 through 5, a third card is dealt.
  • If the hand is 6 or 7, no more cards are dealt.
  • If the hand is 8 or 9, the hand automatically wins.
  • If the hand ties, and a bet on a tie was placed, the hand pays out 9:1

Face cards and 10s are actually worth nothing. So if you’re dealt a Queen and a 5, even though you might think you’re seeing 15, it’s really only worth 5. That’s why a third card is dealt.

The first thing you should know about the tie bet is that while the payouts are high (9:1), the odds of actually hitting a tie are incredibly low. That’s why experts recommend staying away from it if you want to keep more of your bankroll.


Q1. Who created Peek Baccarat?

Evolution games develop Peek Baccarat and is available to play at online casinos.

Q2. Who has advantage in the game of Baccarat?

In Baccarat, the Banker’s hand will win 45.8% of the time, slightly higher than the Player’s hand at 44.6%. Ties win 9.6% of the time. When factoring out the tie, the Banker’s hand wins about 51 percent of the time.

Q3. Is playing Peek Baccarat worth?

Many experts believe that Peek Baccarat is worth for high rollers and not for beginners or medium stake players. It is because the fee is taken on each hand you play whether you win or lose. With 20% of fee being taken you might lose your bankroll easily playing the game.

Q4. Are there any Peek Baccarat Road maps?

Yes Peek Baccarat has 5 set of baccarat roadmaps. The baccarat roadmap is a graphical representation of the results of the previous rounds of a baccarat game. It helps the players quickly and easily analyze the history of the game, look for trends, and possibly predict the results in the future.

All types of roadmaps are represented by using icons arranged in a rectangular grid of empty squares. The height of any roadmap is always 6; the width of any roadmap is not fixed, but is usually at least 12.

The roadmap only records the history for the current shoe. Once a new shoe is to be used, the roadmap is cleared.

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