How To Overcome Smartphone Addiction With The Help Of Mobile Apps

Influence of Smartphone

Entire world has been transformed into a global village, thanks to the smartphones that erase the boundaries and are seamlessly connecting the people while also sharing information rapidly. These smartphones are playing a critical role in performing complex tasks with a mere click. Additionally, there are numerous apps, which sort out our daily chores making our lives easier and simpler.

Owing to the numerous benefits, smartphones are vividly used across the globe. Also it is quite interesting to learn that the users are not limited to a particular age group. Irrespective of age, location or occupation, smartphones are embraced by most of the individuals globally. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that not a single day passes by, wherein the smartphone is not needed.

Smartphone Addiction – A Growing Concern

Too much of anything is harmful and the same applies to the usage of smartphones. Like every coin has two sides, the usage of smartphones has its own disadvantages. The continuous exposure to the mobile screen affecting the eyes and causing stress is just one of the many reasons to be concerned about. Smartphones being restricted at the workplace also shows that these gadgets are distracting the employees and are limiting the productivity.

On the other hand, though the number of apps that a person uses helps in effectively organizing things, it leads to an over dependence on these gadgets. Thus the person-person interaction is highly reduced which is severely hampering the ‘real-life’ social skills of every individuals, especially in teens where they are likely to face behavioral issues. Also, another aspect to consider is that the more the data is digitalized the more it is prone to hackers ultimately leading to misuse of the official and personal information.

De-addiction from Smartphone – The Need of the Hour

The rates at which the smartphone addiction is increasing is extremely alarming. It seems as if we humans are being controlled by these smartphones and not the vice-versa. The surveys conducted by noted agencies are emphasizing on the immediate need to curb the smartphone addiction.

If you too feel that you are being addicted to the smartphones, it is your responsibility take necessary action to help yourselves before it will be too late. As a first step towards de-addiction, one can follow the below mentioned ‘detoxing’ steps:

  • Install the apps that restrict the usage
  • Uninstall sparsely used apps
  • Use conventional methods when possible (eg. use a hand watch to check time and desk clock for alarm, physical calculator instead of smartphone)
  • Limit the number of notifications
  • Switch off the phone before bedtime

Top Apps to Check Smartphone Addiction

Using apps to prevent excessive smartphone usage may sound as irony, but these apps are of great help to this cause. There several apps available in the play store which work differently and employ different ideas to reduce the smartphone usage. Below is a list of top apps that help in managing smartphone addiction. 

1.Space (Rating – 4.2 Downloads – 5 million+) – With many features and functionalities that can be customized, the app helps you track the app and phone usage. You can set limits for number of times you can unlock the phone or the number of hours you can use the phone. Exceeding the limit will send you notification while meeting your goals will result in building a beautiful galaxy as you progress. 


2. AppBlock (Rating – 4.2 Downloads – 5 million+) – AppBlock works by blocking all the apps that you have marked as distracting. With the help of this app, which is protected by a password, you can create multiple profiles and manage several groups of apps as per your requirement. Additionally, this app will also prevent unwanted notifications from appearing on the screen.


3. Forest (Rating – 4.4 Downloads – 1 million+) – It is an innovative app which rewards you for keeping away from your phone as long as possible. When you are planning to focus on some task, simply open the app and plant a tree. If you can restrain yourselves from not opening the app for the next 30 minutes your plant will grow else it will not. The idea of letting your plant grow to further build a forest will encourage you to avoid using phone.


4. App Usage (Rating – 4.3 Downloads – 1 million+) – As the name suggests, this app tracks the usage of all the apps that are installed in your mobile. It also tracks the history of your phone activity and sends notifications if there is a excessive usage as compared to your average usage. Using this data, you can monitor your usage and take necessary actions. The app also features a one-tap uninstaller for unnecessary apps. 

5. Keep Me Out (Rating – 4.3 Downloads – 1 million+) – This app allows you to lock out your phone screens for a particular set amount of time and thus helps them stay focused. However, you can still access the lock screen widgets and also receive and make calls to stay connected with family and friends.


6. Ubhind (Rating – 4.2 Downloads – 1 million+) – Ubhind provides an extensive and accurate analysis of the smartphone usage. It also depicts a graphical representation of the phone usage as per set time frames (daily, weekly or monthly). Over usage is checked with the help of features such as alarm and lock features.


7. QualityTime (Rating – 4.2 Downloads – 1 million+) – QualityTime provides real-time analysis reports of apps and phone usage. There is a timeline option which has eye catching visuals to show the digital diet consumption i.e. phone and apps activity log. Additionally, you can  disconnect from the phone with a one-click ‘Take a break’ widget.

8. Phone Usage Time (Rating – 4.1 Downloads – 1 million+) – This app records the usage time for every app individually. The usage log can be instantly accessed from the status bar of the app which also enables a quick launch of other apps as well.  At the end of the day, you can analyze the day’s usage with the help of calendar mode and make the changes as required to reduce the usage.

9. Offtime (Rating – 4 Downloads – 500 thousand+) – The Offtime app works by blocking certain apps that you would set initially. It is used to block the most distracting apps such Facebook, Twitter etc. With different filter modes such a family, work, me-time, etc. you can selectively determine which apps can be accessed for a particular mode. Thus you have access to what you need and block the unwanted apps at the same time.  

10. Stay Focused (Rating – 4.5 Downloads – 100 thousand+) – You can save your time by focusing on the things that need your attention. Through this you can add apps of your choice to the block list. These apps are still accessible but once you unblock them you are provided with the details of the time spent on the app. It has additional features like lock mode, offtime, play pause etc. which help you avoid using unwanted apps.