How to know what are the future mobile plans that are coming to Australia?

Future mobile plans in Australia

It’s very simple to know the future mobile plans in Australia. Just visit the various telcos websites or at store and find out their latest mobile plans on offer as well any future plans they have for your mobile. In a recent news it was announced that in the coming year 2019 Australia will enrol US-style, family-friendly mobile plans in the country. These family plans will decrease the costing for your mobile phone bills.

Vodafone Australia had already started working on the family plans for future mobiles in Australia and expects to make them available in the next six to twleve months. According to the Vodafone’s director of the consumer business unit, Ben McIntosh, said Australia’s other mobile phone carriers would be looking to solve the same problem of cost cutting of phone bills with such future mobile plans.

The family mobile plans

The family mobile plans

In the US, mobile phone carriers such as T-Mobile offer family plans with four mobile phone numbers, unlimited talk, text and data, overseas text and data, mobile hotspot data and even a Netflix subscription, all for around $US40 per family member.

Such simple plans of US is what will be the future mobile plans of Australia. Families were the single biggest force driving the Australia’s telecommunications market and phone companies were made and lost based on the family segment. The challenge they have as an industry is to take their plans to that simple level” that families are offered in the US.

Other Telcos in Australia and their plans

Telstra Australia

At the time of writing Telstra and Optus had nothing to comment on their plans for family-based billing, but the family plans should represent the culmination of a wave of changes to mobile phone charging now sweeping through the Australian telecommunications market.

Vodafone announced in Septemeber 2018 “passes” for customers leery of bill shock, giving people unlimited access to content categories such as social media, music and video streaming for $5 to $15 a month.

Telstra announced “companion” plans that let customers add modular services on top of their existing phone plan, possibly similar to Vodafone’s passes.

Those companion plans will form part of Telstra’s new, modular approach to phone billing, under which it has committed to reducing its number of mobile phone plans from 1800 to 20, and then allowing customers to add the cost of mobile phones or extra services on top of those 20 base plans.

Optus Mobile

Telstra and Vodafone have also already announced unlimited data mobile phone plans, for around $60 a month they let users consume an unlimited amount of data, with the catch that the speed of that data is limited after usage has hit a certain number of gigabytes in a month.

All of these moves lay the groundwork for the simplified, US-style family plans.

Vodafone’s director of the consumer business unit, Ben McIntosh “At this point in time, they have good bespoke offers for families in Australia. Families can come and put themselves together a very good telco package that offers all the benefits of a US-style family plans, but the US telcos certainly display it all in a much better way,”

What does the Aussie demand?

Are Australians demanding such changes in future mobile plans is a debatable issue. The centrepiece of the US-style family plans, unlimited data for the whole family, might not be worth the extra cost, some experts argue.

The most popular mobile phone plans comparison site found in a survey that only 9 per cent of Australian mobile users regularly exceed their monthly mobile data limit, despite the fact that 79 per cent of consumers have limits of 10 gigabytes a month or less.

According to Finder’s Alex Kidman if you are spending $40 per month and rarely going over your 6GB data allowance, it’s hard to justify $60 per month for peace of mind. Still, unlimited data plans may “have some appeal to users who have been stung for years with excess usage charges,” he said.

Another popular site Whistleout publisher Joe Hanlon, publisher said that avoiding bill shock, rather than using more data, is the whole point of unlimited plans. “People have been asking whether we need unlimited data in phone plans, but I think this is really missing the point,” he said.

WhistleOut runs its phone-plan comparison website in the US, as well as Australia, and in the US the bundling of unlimited data with multiple phone lines to create family plans with no bill shock has become a “cornerstone” of the phone industry, he said.

Aussie telcos still don’t use multi-line discounts, or family plans, to encourage households to sign up for phone plans together as it works overseas in US. Are these future plans going to work in Australia? It is matter of time to know how such plans will attract users or not. (with inputs from Financial review)

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