How To Install A Game On Your iPhone Infographic

how to install a game on your iphone infographic

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So you’ve got your hands on an iPhone and now you want to install mobile pokie apps so you can play your favourite pokie game on the go! Well, let’s take a quick step by step guide through the process from start to finish.

1. The fist thing you will want to do is locate the iTunes shortcut on your iPhone and load it up. iTunes is the place to find many of your favourite pokie apps, music and so much more for your iPhone. Of course you can download apps from your favourite mobile casino as well.

2. Once you’ve got iTunes ready search for the pokie game of your choice. Within seconds your iPhone should load up the search results and show you all the available options. When you’ve found the pokie you want simply tap on the selection to bring up more detailed information about it.

3. You will now see buttons for options such as “Buy” or “Free”, indicating whether or not that particular app is free or requires a purchase. Choose the option you want to pursue. Keep in mind in order to download any app from the iTunes store you will need to have an iTunes account, which is free to create. The best way to create an iTunes account is from your PC or Laptop.

4. You may already have an iTunes account set up so when they ask for your password enter it as requested. At this point you can tap the “ok” t leave the iTunes store. At this point your iPhone will revert back to the desktop where it will show a progress bar for the download. Initiate the download. When it is finished you will be able to access the app almost instantaneously. At this point you will be able to begin enjoying your favourite pokie game on the go.

Final Note

The avid gamer will find pokie apps at a wide range of mobile casinos around the internet. Some are free and some are not. Regardless of where the app is found the downloading process is actually quite simple. Installing a pokie on the iPhone is as easy as pie.

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