How To Get Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans In 2022

The cheap mobile plans
How To Get Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans In 2022

If you are looking for Australia’s cheapest mobile phone plans with free data to play pokies then there are many telcos out there to get the best plan.  To get the best deal, you usually have to choose a SIM Only plan, which means the plan does not come with a phone from a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses the wholesale Telstra, Optus or Vodafone networks to provide a cost-effective plan. These plans can come in either a prepaid or postpaid format.

Note that before you set in to get Australia’s cheapest mobile phone plan you should check your usage of the phone and its services.  In a survey, it was found that prepaid mobile users spend an average of $28 per month with their service; while postpaid users spend $43. Now compare this to your normal spending and see if any of the plans offer you better value.

Getting Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

TPG Mobile
TPG Mobile

There are a number of prepaid providers offering cheap phone plans for under $10 per month, or with very short expiry periods of just 7-10 days. You should therefore note that these cheap plans come with less of services or features and sometimes with no data. They are often simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans, where you get the dollar value that you pay. You will likely require more than these plans can offer, but if your usage requirements are less then you can have various providers offering such cheap plans.

  • TPG offers a $1 per month prepaid plan with PAYG call and text rates, plus 50MB of data. This plan runs on the Vodafone Network.
  • Telstra offers a ‘$5 for five days’ recharge that brings unlimited talk & text, plus 100MB of data over one day, billed every five days. on their own Telstra Network.
Telstra Cheap Plans
Telstra Mobile

Both of these plans account for calls & texts differently like with TPG a two-minute phone call costs 29.8c with 10c flagfall, and texts cost 9.9c each; with Telstra’s plan, standard national calls are unlimited.

Data charges are also something to consider in these plans. On TPG’s PAYG plan, all data over your included 50MB is charged at 10c per megabyte, which adds up to a massive $102 per gigabyte. Telstra customers receive a daily data allowance, but any overages are charged at a rate of $1 per 100MB.

If you need lots of high-end features including data and browsing and playing games then these plans are just not for you. You can also search best plans with Boost Mobile, Ovo mobile, Coles Mobile, Aldi Mobile and others.

1GB Data Cheap Plans

Getting Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans
Getting Cheapest Mobile Phone Plans

Though 1GB of data a month should be just about enough for you if you want to play games and surf the net, you won’t always get unlimited talk and text chucked into the bargain. Therefore for $10 per month or less, these plans are great for low-level users who prefer texting to voice calls.

Most of these plans are also offered on a prepaid, 30 or 28-day basis. Also, you can look for low-cost MVNOs if you’re hoping to save money on a small plan offered by various providers like Moose, Ovo, Yomoji, Exetel, Amayasim, and Jeeneemobile and Spinel.

2GB Data Cheap Plans

2 Gb Data Cheap Plans

2GB plans boost value not only in data but offer unlimited calls and texts at this price point. Jeenee Mobile and Exetel are two of the cheapest providers, but you do have to be willing to sign up for 12 months. Moose Mobile and Yomojo are the cheapest no-contract options with unlimited calls and texts. If you desire something on the Telstra network, then TeleChoice may be best.

Catch of the Day also has a suite of phone plans, labelled Catch Connect with one option coming in at just $15 for 2GB. Thus if you want a good month-to-month deal, both Amaysim and Yomojo are ideal picks in the $20-and-under category.

5GB Data Cheap Plans

5GB Data Cheap Plans
5GB Data Cheap Plans

This data plan offers tough competition to choose the best provider. While there are plans from Jeenee and Exetel that are pretty cheap, you do have to be willing to sign up for a year. If you want something on a no-contract basis, then SpinTel is one of the cheapest to offer 5GB data

Jeenee offers its 6GB plan for less than $25,  These plans are over 12 months but there are no lock-in options with slightly fewer data. Amaysim also offers good value here, throwing in international calling, and is best for both prepaid and postpaid users.

10GB Data Cheap Plans

10GB Data Cheap Plans
10GB Data Cheap Plans

If you want 10GB the cheapest plans come in at well under $40. Moose Mobile currently lays claim to a 10GB cheap plan, costing just $29 per month – but you will need to sign a 12-month contract. Another ’10GB for a $19.90′ plan is Jeenee Mobile’s. Kogan Mobile is a provider on the Vodafone network and also has a pretty competitive plan, throwing in 16GB for under $40. Amaysim also comes to play with a competitive plan of 15GB over 28 days, priced at $40.

Telstra and Vodafone Cheap Plans

Vodafone offers plans with “unlimited” data for $60 per month, while Telstra has plans data for $69 per month. You are able to get an unlimited data plan with a telco with a phone or on a SIM-only basis.

Telstra also has an unlimited data plan, available for $199 per month on a 24-month contract with a phone. While $199 is far from cheap, you’re able to absolutely any phone you like on this plan with no additional handset repayment fees, including the $1,829 256GB iPhone X.

Telstra’s unlimited plan also includes 24-months of Foxtel Now, unlimited local and international talk and text, and a 10GB per month allowance of data to use when roaming overseas.

Points to note before taking a cheap plan

  • Cheap plans offer less of features and come with some limitations.
  • They have short billing periods of 7 or 10 days which means costs can quickly add up if you recharge three or four times to get a full month’s worth of service.
  • You can get a full 30-day or monthly phone plan with unlimited calls and texts for as little as $10 these days, and these come with 1GB of data to boot. Value only seems to increase the more you spend, with 10GB plans coming in at under $40.
  • It is best to compare a range of different providers with both postpaid and prepaid payment terms because there is no ‘one size fits all answer. Whatever you do, make sure you take action if you suspect you’re paying more than you need to.

Note that all the plans and costs mentioned here are subject to change as mentioned above are what was found at the time of writing. (with inputs from Whistle Out Australia).

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