How to get 150GB prepaid mobile data plan from OVO mobile?

OVO Mobile latest plans

OVO lately announced their brand new 150GB prepaid mobile data plan. This plan cost you $89.95 every 30 days, with no lock-in contracts and operating on the Optus 4G Plus network.

Earlier at the end of 2017 they had released a 100GB prepaid plan and now have come up with 150 GB plan. The plan definitely seems to be aimed at young Australians who use their data for multiple devices.  Also this plan is clearly quite strongly targeted at those who want to be able to use prepaid data plans at home – especially as they offer modem purchase as an added option for the plan.

How to get this plan from OVO?

OVO mobile data plan

Simply Visit OVO site online and buy this plan on your mobile

You can connect with Facebook account or your Google plus account or fill a short form online at their website and get going to create an account with OVO.

You’ll need to provide a delivery address so that they can deliver your package to you

Next pay by your credit card AU$89.95 and get the plan.

When you sign up to OVO Mobile Broadband – Extra Large you’ll receive a SIM card. You’ll need to activate your SIM card on OVO network and as soon as it’s active you’ll be able to set up your home WiFi network ready to go. If you choose to buy a modem from them you can connect up to 10 devices to your home WiFi network. As soon as you’re up and running you’ll be able to stream TV, movies, play games or anything else that you use the internet for.

You’ll also be able to live stream unlimited sport, esport and entertainment on OVOPlay app. When you’re signed in everything on OVOPlay is data-free and yours to enjoy!

Buying and activating your SIM card

OVO mobile data plan

You can buy OVO  Services directly on their website, via authorised partners of OVO, or via other third parties accepted by OVO. To activate your Service, you must provide with your name, a current and valid email address and your current residential address. You will also need a valid Australian credit card or you will need to consent to undergoing an Identity Check. When you undergo an Identity Check you will be asked to provide a Government issued document.

Then OVO will supply you with a SIM card and instruction pack. You will need to buy your own mobile phone or device.

You can activate your SIM card on their  website.

OVO will validate your identity and contact details while you are signing up to ensure that the details you have provided verify your identity and they may not accept an order or complete activation if you have not been able to validate your identity.

Your credit card details will be stored securely by a trusted third party for the purpose of verifying your identity, validating your card and collecting payment. Your credit card details are not stored by OVO.

The ID you provide for an Identity Check will be used by a third party for the purpose of verifying your identity and will not be stored by OVO.

You will automatically be given membership to OVO’s Fans First Club so that you can earn points for referring OVO and redeem points for OVO services or products and services from their partners.

With this plan, coupled with a portable modem, you  can connect up to five devices at a time which means you are multi-screening, and streaming audio and video content while you are working, studying and even playing games.

How does OVO work?

How does OVO mobile data plan work

You get all the calling, SMS and data you need – without being locked into an expensive long-term contract. Everything is prepaid – you only pay for what you use. It’s as simple as BYO mobile, tablet or WiFi device and choosing how much data and calling you need. Also the best of all, once you’re signed up to OVO, their ‘Fans First Promise’ means that you’ll always be on their best deal.

OVO Mobile Broadband is a great alternative to fixed broadband for gamers and fans that love to stream HD TV and movies. With mobile broadband you can take your internet connection with you wherever you go – it’s a reliable, fast and portable alternative to a fixed internet or NBN connection. You’ll be connected to the internet using Optus 4G Plus Network – Australia’s favourite mobile network.

With OVO Mobile Broadband – Extra Large you’ll get:

  • 150 GB mobile broadband for general internet use
  • The option to BYP modem or buy one when you sign up
  • Reliable mobile broadband for streaming of TV, radio and movies
  • Unlimited data free entertainment and sports streaming on OVOPlay

Unlike the NBN or traditional fixed internet services, with mobile broadband you will use the Optus 4G Plus mobile network. Because it’s mobile you can take it with you – wherever you go in Australia.

With OVO you can choose a small portable modem for your home, car or caravan or bring your own SIM-capable device. With most modems you can connect mobile phones and tablets, smart devices and your TV or media centre.  So with prepaid mobile broadband plans you’re not locked into an expensive long term contract, you don’t need to pay for hardware that you don’t need and even better there are no connection fees.