How to Enjoy Kayo Sports on Mobile?

Enjoy Kayo Sports on Android Mobile
How to Enjoy Kayo Sports on Android Mobile?

Enjoy Kayo sports on mobile, be it on Android or iPhone. Kayo Sports is a new multi-sport streaming service in Australia. The service has live sport, documentaries, entertainment shows and original programs that add up to over 30,000 hours lot of sporting activities all in one place. Let’s know more about Kayo sports Android.

Also besides different sports matches, Kayo sports offers innovative features that have been included within the service to give fans a unique sports experience. You can now enjoy the best of Fox Sports, ESPN and beIN SPORTS as Kayo features all the biggest Australian sports including cricket, AFL, rugby league and union, motorsports, as well as international favourites like the NBA, NFL and EPL.

Australia’s leading sports broadcasters, including Fox Sports, ESPN and BeIN, are key partners to Kayo, and their TV channels are the source of much of the content the new platform provides.

How to enjoy Kayo Sports on Mobile?

Enjoy Kayo Sports on Mobile
How to enjoy Kayo sports on Android Mobile?

All you need is to download the free app from Google Play on your Android mobile. Kayo Sports works on all Android-powered tablets and mobiles that feature Android Operating Software: Marshmallow through to Oreo optimized for the Chrome browser.

Create your user account and start with the 14-day trial all free.

Then pick up your subscription service if you want to continue watching sports.

With No lock-in contracts, the basic subscription starts at AU$25 per month with 2 screens and the premium subscription starts at AU$35 per month with 3 screens.

Every Subscription includes Live & on-demand sports in HD with no spoilers, and you can cancel anytime if you wish.

Live & on-demand sports in HD

Kayo sports on Android
Kayo sports on Android

You can customise Kayo by selecting the sports and teams you want to follow and can receive notifications when games are going to start. You can also watch game highlights with the “Key Moments” feature, and even watch up to four games on one screen with “SplitView”.

The “No Spoilers” function is where you can choose to hide scores so that you can jump in and watch games that you may have missed without knowing the result.

The “No Spoilers” mode is a life-saver for fans of overseas sports in particular, which is often impossible to watch live. Another great feature is the ability to watch a game from the start, no matter when you’ve opened the app. The Match Centre also gives you complex stats and both pre and post-game videos.

Download the Kayo app to watch Kayo Sports on Android-powered TVs

Kayo sports on Android
Kayo sports on Android

HD is as good as being there live, you’ll see every bead of sweat, blade of grass and your team’s colours beaming proudly. All live content streamed in Kayo is available in HD, provided you have the bandwidth. Also, you can download the Kayo app and watch Kayo Sports on Android-powered TVs that feature Android Operating Software: Marshmallow through to Oreo.

Watch over 50 sports Live & On Demand with the biggest Aussie sports and the best from overseas including Cricket, AFL, NRL, Football, Formula 1, Basketball, Supercars, Rugby, and American Football, Tennis, Golf & much more.

Note that data charges from your provider apply and HD availability is subject to your Internet service and device capabilities.

Also, Rugby league fans need Fox Sports, NFL fans need ESPN and Sunday Ticket and if you want to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Raheem Sterling, you’ll need Fox Sports and beIN SPORTS. Also, you need Android 6.0 and up mobile to run the app all smooth.

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