How much data do you need to Play Disney+ on a phone?

Streaming video is a great way to get entertained and it is the most popular way to do data-intensive activities you can do on a smartphone. Disney+ appears to be more demanding than any other streaming service. Let’s find out How much data do you need to Play Disney+ on a phone?

How much data is required to Play Disney+ on a phone?

Two Different Plans – Auto and Data Saver


When streaming through the Disney+ mobile app, you’d have two different options: Auto and Data Saver. The auto (Disney+’s best quality setting) is a better quality option where you can use around 3GB every hour. But switching to a data saver will also allow you to use as much as 1GB per hour.

Even if you watch Disney+ for just for a few hours on the go, that can add up fast to your data consumption.

Almost similar to Netflix and Stan


If you compare it with Netflix, it can also use up to 3GB per hour on mobile, but its default setting (referred to as “auto” in-app) only uses 250MB per hour. Switching on to the data saver drops this to 170MB. Stan is also the same – 3GB per hour on high and 1GB per hour on medium speed. But it also offers a lower quality setup that allows you to use around 600MB per hour.

Much like Stan and Netflix, Disney+ also enables you to download the video for offline viewing as well. If you’ve got a mobile data plan with smaller data access, it’s better to download anything that you’d love to watch on the go using WiFi.

It Depends

Depending on how you’re streaming, home internet or cellular, be sure you know where you can track your data usage. Most providers have an app or website where you can log into your account and see where you are in your data allotment. The other option is that you can always give your internet or cellular provider a call to find out how much you have used and what your limit is.

Since Verizon is giving its subscribers a free year of Disney+ we’ve broken down the best Verizon plans for watching all that magic.

Again, these requirements are telling us what Netflix video streaming uses— not Disney+ — so these could change, but they are good starting points to lets us for gauging what to expect. While we do know what movies and TV shows Disney+ is giving us, there are a few technical aspects that aren’t available from Disney.