How Is Mystery Symbol Unique In Pokies Games?

How is Mystery Symbol unique in pokies games?
How Is Mystery Symbol Unique In Pokies Games?

You must have heard of mystery symbols in pokies games. These symbols can be found in a variety of pokies from Red tiger gaming, Playing, Netent, Nextgen Isoft and various other gaming providers. A few examples of such pokies are: Cash Vandal, Deal or No Deal Megaways, Gods of Olympus Megaways Safari Gold and more

This symbol actually refers to either a single symbol or stacks of them that can easily change into any other symbol featured in particular pokies. This helps the symbol to form a sure shot win. While these symbols are most often encountered during bonuses in online pokies, they occasionally arise from the main game itself.

What is Mystery Symbol and how does it work?

What is Mystery Symbol and how does it work?
What is Mystery Symbol and how does it work?

As you know pokies have reels that the player spins. When the reels come to a stop after spinning, the icons they show determine if any wins are recorded. Icons that are matched from the left to the right are recorded as wins and usually, the more icons matched the heftier the win will be. Video pokies online or mobile pokies do not make use of actual mechanical reels. Instead, everything is simulated and a random number generator is employed to ensure the total randomness of all outcomes.

Mystery Symbol changes

As mobile pokies are quite advanced, the icons featured within can be made to be dynamic and so shift from one role to the other in order to help flesh out wins. Thus, a mystery symbol refers to a symbol that shows up on the reels in a distinct form but changes to another form or another icon when needed. Sometimes, these symbols appear singly, while in other cases they show up as columns that expand over the entire reel.

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Usually, the mystery symbol becomes a winning icon whenever it appears on the reels, but this does not happen all the time. These symbols can show up on normal spins but are more usually encountered during bonus features like free spins. Otherwise, they appear during a specially enhanced gameplay session that is triggered during a winning spin.

Not all Pokies have Mystery Symbols

Note that not all pokies have mystery symbols, but quite a few do. What is more, these symbols are quite popular with players, because they boost wins and so make the game more enjoyable.

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Suppose you’re playing a pokies game that features the mystery symbol. Your spin results in some candies on the screen. As the pokies game progresses, you see that one of the lines has three candies on it, which normally pays 5 credits. But the candy turns out to be the mystery symbol. Instantly, all the candy symbols turn into higher-paying diamond symbols that, according to the secret pokies game, are more valuable. The winning line now features three gems and pays 50 credits.

When a mystery symbol transforms into a winning symbol on the line, your wins also get multiplied. Thus, it has the potential to pay big wins without having to trigger the bonus round. Bonus features like the mystery symbol attract a lot of pokies players to games that have them, and it’s not difficult to see why.