How Can I Get A New SIM On Felix Mobile?

How can I get new SIM on Felix Mobile
How Can I Get A New SIM On Felix Mobile?

Felix Mobile is a new telecom service provider in Australia. Owned by TPG, Felix was launched in late 2020. You can easily get a new SIM on Felix mobile with the Felix mobile app. Their simple sim-only plan just costs $35 per month. You get unlimited mobile data at speeds up to 20Mbps in Australia and unlimited standard talk + text in Australia. There are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees and a 7-day happiness guarantee and customer support. Felix uses the Vodafone 4G/3G network.

How can I get a new SIM on Felix Mobile?

How can I get new SIM on Felix Mobile
Buy New SIM from Felix Mobile App

To get a new SIM on Felix Mobile you have to download the Felix Mobile App from app stores.

Click here to download the Felix Mobile app for your iPhone

Click here to download the Felix Mobile app for your Android

Once downloaded sign up and you are ready to buy a Felix SIM and keep your existing number.

There are a few ways you can log into your Felix app:

  • The email address and password combination that you set up when signing up to felix
  • Any ‘bio’ authentication that your phone supports, i.e. face or finger print recognition
  • If the first option is in the too-hard-basket, and the second is a little too Orwellian, you can also set up a 4-digit PIN to log in

In your Felix app, tap Settings > Profile > Enter the security PIN sent via text message and you will see all of your personal account details, including your account number.

You cannot purchase multiple SIMs under one account. Also, note that Felix is a SIM-only mobile subscription so you will need to BYOD (bring your own device)

Your Felix SIM is a 3-in-1 SIM with the ability to punch either of three standard sizes (standard, micro, nano). So, as long as your phone isn’t network locked, and can be used in Australia, then you shouldn’t have a problem with SIM compatibility!

You will get your SIM delivered at your home addess

Felix SIMs are sent express post (at no extra cost) by Australia Post and you can track its delivery in the Felix app. Express delivery is usually within 1-3 business days, and your SIM can still be delivered even if you’re not home.

To get the SIM you will need to enter a residential address during sign-up but can choose a PO Box or Parcel Locker for your delivery address. 

How to have your SIM delivered to a PO Box

  • Tap Add a different delivery address when prompted after entering Home address
  • Pop your PO Box number in the search field, then tap Enter address manually
  • Enter “PO Box ###” in the Street name field.
  • Select Street type as ‘None’.
  • Enter suburb, postcode and state as normal.
  • Tap Done

How to have your SIM delivered to a Parcel Locker

  • Tap Add a different delivery address when prompted after entering Home address
  • Pop your Parcel Locker in the search field, then tap Enter address manually
  • Enter your Parcel Locker number in the Business Name field
  • Enter rest of address as normal
  • Tap Done

You’ll find your 21 digit SIM number on the SIM itself. It starts with 8961.

If you opted to get a new mobile number with Felix, your mobile number will be on your SIM Pack.

Or, once you’ve activated your SIM, you can find your mobile number in the app by tapping Settings, and your mobile number will be displayed in the top left of the screen under the word ‘Settings’.

Also, you’ve got two years to activate it from purchase.  Your billing cycle won’t start until you choose to activate your Felix SIM.

When started between the hours as mentioned below, most switches take under five minutes from activation. In some cases, it can take up to three hours. 

Not to worry though, unless something goes awry, you won’t lose service from your previous provider until the switch is done. 

Switching takes place during the following hours:

– Monday-Friday, 8 am to 8 pm Sydney time

– Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm Sydney time

You’ll know your switch is complete when your current service stops working. Felix also notifies you in the app, by a push notification, and via email. Meanwhile, keep using your old SIM card as usual until the switch is complete.

Felix Mobile - Refer a friend
Get a $5 discount in your Felix wallets by referring a friend

If you refer a friend – you’ll both get a $5 discount in your felix wallets when they sign up and activate their SIM.

Your felix wallet is where Felix keeps your discounts to apply against your next felix purchase. If you refer a friend through the app, and they activate their Felix SIM, this is where your $35 goes.  These discounts are automatically deducted from your next Felix purchase.

How much does the felix subscription cost?

Felix SIM
Felix is a prepaid subscription

As mentioned above Felix is a simple no lock-in contract, $35/month mobile subscription. Your Felix SIM gives you unlimited data at speeds of up to 20Mbps and unlimited standard calls and texts in Australia. Felix is a month-to-month subscription with no lock-in in the contract so you can pause or cancel at any time. Unless you have paused or canceled, your subscription will auto-renew every month.

Felix is a prepaid subscription. It works similarly to a Netflix subscription.

Felix accepts all valid Australian VISA or Mastercard credit or debit cards. You can get the tax invoice.

On your Felix app. Tap Service > Billing info > Billing History > click on the payment period you’re after > Download. 

Calling/texting premium-rate numbers are not included in your Felix subscription. Examples of premium-rate numbers are phone numbers used for entering competitions. In Australia, most premium-rate numbers start with 190. 

You pay for your first month upfront ($35, or $40 if you have opted to add Unlimited International Calls and Text) when you order your SIM. However, your billing cycle doesn’t start until you’ve activated your SIM.

You can update your payment or contact info at any time in the Felix app. Follow these steps:

– Settings > Profile > Enter security PIN sent over text message > update your contact info

– Settings > Billing info > Change payment method > Enter security PIN sent over text message > update your payment details

Remember, you are not able to update your first name, last name, date of birth, or mobile number. You are able to update your preferred name, email address, home, and delivery address, and card for payment.

Felix Subscription
$35 monthly subscription

What you get

  • Unlimited data at speeds up to 20Mbps: Use as much data as you need in Australia. 20Mbps is great for streaming HD video and music, scrolling and sharing to your socials, and using cloud storage. Very large files may be slow to load.
  • Unlimited calls and text: Make standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines plus calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail.
  • Tethering (hotspot): Use for your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem.
  • No lock-in contract, no exit fees and You can also pause your plan whenever you want.
  • Your $35/month, renews automatically.
  • Your plan lasts the full month. No sneaky 28 day expiry.
  • For an extra $5/month on your felix subscription, you can enjoy Unlimited International Calls and Texts to over 40 selected countries (countries may be subject to change). For ease, if your circumstances change, you can easily remove/re-add the $5 add on in your app.

How to add Unlimited International Calls & Text

  • Sign in to your felix account
  • Select Settings and from the list click International Calls and Text
  • Follow the instructions to add to your subscription
  • When you add Unlimited International Calls and Texts you’ll have 2 options: buy now or schedule for later. If you buy now, your new add-on will take effect immediately and will automatically renew when your subscription renews. Suppose you schedule for later it’ll simply kick in when your subscription renews and automatically renew with your subscription.
  • If you choose to remove this add-on, Felix will remove it at the start of the next monthly renewal, so you don’t lose any value you’ve already paid for. This add-on renews automatically until you remove it.  To remove Unlimited International Calls and Texts, simply head into your app, go to Service > Plan info > Remove International Calls and Text.

If you want International Roaming on Felix then an International Roaming pack costs $20 and gives you 4GB of data with speeds up to 20Mbps, 100 standard minutes of calling, and 100 standard texts to use in over 40 selected countries (countries may be subject to change), valid for a 365 day period.

You can purchase an International Roaming pack easily from your Felix app. You can purchase as many as you’d like, the inclusions of the first one you purchased will be used first.

How to add International Roaming

  • Sign in to your felix account
  • Select Settings and from the list click International Roaming
  • Follow the instructions to add to your subscription
  • If you run out of the included data, minutes or text, simply add another $20 International Roaming pack. If you don’t add International Roaming, you can still connect to wifi while overseas and you’ll even receive texts for free. With felix, you won’t get surprise roaming charges.

In case you want to activate your replacement SIM, jump into the Felix app and tap Settings > Activate replacement SIM > Scan your SIM’s barcode or pop in your SIM number manually (the number on your SIM, starting in 8961) > Activate SIM > Confirm > Your SIM will now begin activating and you’ll get prompted when it’s ready. Note, your current mobile number will automatically be on this new SIM.

In case you need any help you can contact Felix customer support from the app itself. You can contact their support team available on chat from 8 am to 8 pm Sydney time every day.

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