How augmented reality is transforming mobile pokies?

How augmented reality is transforming mobile pokies?

Ai or augmented reality is fast progressing. AI technology is transforming the way you interact with the world around you. Actually AI is demonstrated by machines, hence the use of the word ‘artificial’. It’s the term used when a machine mimics the cognitive functions of the human mind. This means that machines are capable of ‘learning’ and solving problems. But how does this affect the ways your favourite pokies and casinos and in what ways could it be implemented in the future.

Birth of AI in pokies

birth of Ai pokies

It all started twenty years ago, with IBM’s Deep Blue computer beat famous chess player Garry Kasparov. Six matches were played by the machine and the highly-skilled player, but the supercomputer proved to be tough competition. A rematch took place the following year but, again, Deep Blue came out on top.

Again, in January 2017, Liberatus AI claimed victory in thousands of poker hands against top-rated players in Heads-Up-No-Limit Hold’em.

But the common complaint among casino players is that the ‘bots’ they play against in simulated table and card games are not challenging or realistic enough, causing them to grow bored with the games on offer in mobile casinos. AI can be used to develop more realistic simulated competitors, who use their opponent’s data and behaviour to decide which move to make, rather than the game producing a random outcome every time. The AI essentially learns from previous rounds, and therefore continuously improves. This is only the beginning of AI’s influence over the way casinos operate.

Mobile casinos and AI

mobile casinos

Playing at any AI pokies means mobile casinos would be able to track the activity of players from their user account. This data allows for a more heightened user experience, as players can essentially step into a mobile casino built just for them, as their history can be used to determine their key interests. Suppose if you played Rainbow Riches pokies several days in a row, this activity would be detected by AI technology, and the data collected would be used to tailor game suggestions to your specific interests. Imagine loading up the mobile casino and seeing a collection of games selected especially for you. You can then quickly access the games that you actually want to play, and save the time you would have otherwise spent sifting through hundreds of different titles until you find one that appeals to you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that AI can bring to the mobile casino is the ability to detect gambling addiction sooner than your average casino would. When AI technology uses your activity and history to provide a more personalised mobile casino experience, this same concept can also be applied to problem gambling patterns. If a player is using the mobile casino alarmingly often, or spending a large amount of money in one go, this can be made known to the mobile casino as soon as it occurs. Analysing player data and behaviour is the most efficient way to detect gambling addiction as soon as the problem arises. Individual players can be flagged, and their digital footprint can then be analysed by the mobile casino they’re playing at. The account may then be suspended and support offered before the problem spirals out of control.

Like BetBuddy is a patent-pending analytics platform from Playtech, and is being used to capture players’ digital behaviour to identify problem gamblers and to enhance user experience overall, picking up on problem behaviour in real time. BetBuddy then sends personalised communications to both the player and the operator.

Mobile casinos can use AI software to protect themselves from cheating players. AI has the capability to scope out cheating players in the same way it analyses behaviour in order to safeguard others.

It’s more difficult to monitor players in a mobile casino than it is in a land-based one. Face-to-face, the dealer or security staff can keep a close eye on what’s happening on the casino floor. Mobile casinos do not possess this ability. You can’t surveil mobile casino players in their home or out and about. This potentially gives players the chance to use probability programs or their own AI bot to gain an advantage and basically cheat their way to a win. This isn’t just unfair to the mobile casino, but also to the other players. AI can quickly identify and eliminate cheating players from a game.

Banking to play AI pokies with mobile

Banking to play AI pokies with mobile

As credit card fraud is a prevailing problem online, introducing AI into mobile casinos could solve this problem and keep players safe. AI technology is able to analyse behavioral patterns every time you log into your account, which means they can detect when an imposter may be using your account. Like if you play pokies machines at 1 bets and then suddenly your account starts placing hundreds of dollars at table game AI will pick up on this change in behaviour and send you an alert.

AI technology is developing at a rapid speed, and is gradually being integrated into various industries in various forms. It’s surely only a matter of time before it’s fully integrated into mobile casinos, although at the moment, it’s still early days.

AI could benefit mobile casino users, from protection from fraud and to play responsibly which is a good sign for punters who love pokies games.

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