Hot Drop Jackpots To Play At Ignition Casino

Hot Drop Jackpots

I wanted to play Jackpot pokies and heard about Hot Drop Jackpots, so I tried it.

Why at Ignition Casino?

Because at this casino you can play hourly as well as daily and epic jackpots 24.7

When you play these pokies, you increase your chances of winning big by the hour, by the day.

What will you win?

Millions, Yes, millions in dollars.

How are they different from regular pokies?

Hot Drops are different from regular progressive jackpots in three ways:

  • There are three jackpots available.
  • Second, they must be won before hitting a payout deadline.
  • And they just keep coming, with multiple jackpots being won every day.

Hot Drop Jackpots To Play At Ignition Casino

Hot Drop Jackpots to play
Hot Drop Jackpots to play

To play Hot Drop Jackpots at Ignition Casino, my first step was to log in with my username and password. (I am already a player at the casino, so I didn’t have to create my profile and verify at the casino to open my account.)

After that, I went to the cashier to make a deposit because I was playing real money jackpot pokies.

At the hot drop jackpots, I found the following pokies available to play, and they were:

  • Temple of Athena
  • Year of the Rabbit
  • Santas Ways
  • American Jet Set
  • Lady’s Magic Charm
  • A Night With Cleo
  • Golden Buffalo
  • 777 Deluxe

After making the deposit, I went to the Pokies lobby and then was ready to spin the wheel.

The jackpot wheel is triggered by landing three jackpot symbols during a spin. These jackpots come from reputed pokies providers.

The total prize pools increase as more players play, with a percentage of each wager contributing to the pots. In that way, they work just like regular progressive jackpots at Ignition Casino.

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How to win?

Hot Drop Jackpot winner
Hot Drop Jackpot winner

Your odds increase slightly the more you wager. One strategy to put into play is to turn up your wagers when one of the jackpots is flashing red hot. You’ll still be spinning for all the regular winning lines but will be playing for a must-win jackpot as the cherry on top.

All three jackpot totals are updated live and displayed in-game. You’ll find the jackpot panel to the left of the reels on any Hot Drop Jackpot pokies.

When a jackpot is red hot, it’s ready to drop. When it’s won, all players are notified, and a new jackpot is seeded.

Here, totals and the countdown timer for the Hourly drop and Daily drop jackpots are displayed. As the drop deadline approaches, the chance of winning that jackpot increases. And then you have the Epic Jackpot, which can drop at any moment!

Pros and Cons of Hot Drop Jackpots

You can play them with Bitcoins and Australian Dollars.Risk of losing money if you wager high.
You know when a jackpot will drop and when it is time to play.You can get addicted to playing.
You win Millions of Dollars.Jackpot drops once in a while.
You get to play new pokies first.

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Final Thoughts

Hot Drop Jackpots to play are lucrative, and I really enjoyed spinning the reels at first. Though I won a small amount, it did pay.

My luck was not so good, so my millionaire dream was shattered. I didn’t chase the losses, as I knew I might lose my money.

Overall, the experience of playing jackpot pokies was good.


Why will I want to play Hot Drop Jackpots?

Because you will get more chances to win and come to know you can win will make you play these pokies.

Are they seed jackpot pokies?

Yes, they are. A percentage of each bet players make goes into the prize pools, which keep increasing until they’re won.

Can I also play these jackpot pokies as regular pokies?

Yes, you can play these jackpot pokies like regular pokies in the casino lobby.

Where can I find the rules to play?

You can find the rules for hot drop jackpots on the rules page of your chosen Pokies game.

How do I know which Jackpots I can win when playing a game?

Look to the in-game Hot Drop Jackpot widget on the left, which displays the jackpots available and their current accumulation.

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