High Limit Room At Double Down Casino

High Limit Room At Double Down Casino

High Limit Room at Double Down Casino is for the high rollers. I like to play here because the top jackpots are doubled, and you spin the high-limit wheel.

Also, I get to play new pokies games.

Best High Paying Pokies

What are the stakes for high-limit rooms?

A High limit room is where the minimum and maximum bets in any casino game are very high. In some casino games, this can range from $100 to $5000 or even more.

Those who play in a limited room are high rollers who have enough budget to stake at a game and who can also accept losses.

Pokies, poker, roulette, and a few other games often offer high limits. Casino games like Keno, Bingo, scratch cards, and others seldom offer high-value bets.

How to enter High Limit Room At Double Down Casino

To enter high limit room at Double Down casino, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Use a Booster to gain instant access.  You will continue to have access to the High Limit Room for the length of your Booster.
  2. Spin pokies in the casino three days in a row. Each day you play, you’ll increase your access meter. On day three, you can enter the High Limit Room and have access if you continue playing pokies daily.

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Remember that you can get a booster when you purchase more chips as certain chip packages include a booster to get to the High Limit Room

Packages that include a Booster will display the number of days you’ll receive benefits. Many of the effects of activating a Booster take effect immediately from the moment of purchase. 

What are the booster benefits?

Double Down Casino Bonus games
Double Down Casino Bonus games

  • While your Booster is active, you can take two wheel spins daily. The first spin (Daily Wheel spin) occurs automatically upon login, and the second (Daily Booster Wheel spin) must be used by 11:59 PM Pacific time. There is a one-hour cool-down between the two spins.
  • The Booster grants automatic access to the High Limit Room, where you can enjoy Early Access to new pokies, the High Limit Wheel Bonus, and 2x Jackpots!
  • Earn extra chips when you win the Megabucks Jackpot
  • In addition to your Diamond Club tier vouchers, if you have activated a Booster at any time since Saturday at midnight (Pacific), you’ll receive a new Special Voucher at midnight (Pacific) the following Saturday for an exclusive purchase boost.
  • Any unused vouchers will expire at 11:59 PM on Thursday (Pacific).

Double Down Casino
Double Down Casino

You can see if your current Booster is active by going to the main screen. The time remaining will be displayed beside the High Limit Room icon.

The maximum time frame for which the Booster can be activated is 14 days. If you already have 14 days remaining on your Booster timer, no additional time will be added for new purchases. 

What do you get in the High Limit Room?

High Limit Room Double Down
High Limit Room Double Down

  • Your top jackpots are doubled at the high-limit room, and you spin the high-limit wheel. When you reach 100%, you’ll get a spin and a chance at even larger rewards! 
  • Once you start spinning, you have 14 days to fill the meter before it resets.  The three days will reset if you miss a day of spinning in the casino.
  • You’ll need to play three more days before accessing the High Limit Room again or use a Booster for instant access.

How do you access Mega Bucks Room?

Mega Win in Double down
Mega Win

There is also a Megabucks room where you can play Megabucks Jackpot pokies.

  • To access the Megabucks room on a PC/Mac, click the Megabucks logo in the top right corner of the lobby and on a mobile device, you will find the Megabucks room on the What’s Hot tab:
  • To play pokies in the Megabucks room, simply tap or click on the pokies image or logo as you would in the regular pokies lobby.
  • You can play Double Diamond Deluxe, Double 3X 4X 5X, Red Hot Re-Spin and more such pokies.
  • To leave the Megabucks room and return to the pokies lobby, click ALL POKIES or High Limit in the top left corner of the screen on a PC/Mac.
  • You could also tap the left-facing arrow in the top left corner.
  • Tap the “Home” icon in the bottom left corner to exit this room on a mobile device.


Did you know? Pokies at Double Down Casino are powered by IGT.

How to join a VIP race?

VIP Race
VIP Race

  • At Double Down Casino’s high-limit room, you can join the VIP Race, an exclusive competition for high rollers only. 
  • The VIP Race begins on Tuesday with the first of six daily missions. Before midnight Pacific time, earn as many points toward that day’s mission as possible. Each day will bring a new mission to play toward.
  • Leaderboards will track the winners for each day, and the overall winners will be based on the combined daily scores at the end of the week.
  • The top 100 players (based on the combined score for the week) will receive shares of the prize pot. Prizes will be awarded on the Monday following the event.
  • Prizes must be collected on Monday when they are awarded.
  • Any prizes not collected by midnight PT on that day will be forfeited. Regardless of the mission type, scores increase at higher bet levels.
  • The higher you wager, the more points you will earn for every achievement toward the mission at hand.
  • Eligible pokies will vary based on the day’s mission. The VIP Race symbol will appear on the eligible pokies logos in the High Limit Room lobby.

Final Thoughts

High Limit Double Down Casino is where I played new pokies, participated in VIP races, and played the Double Diamond Deluxe pokies game.

I accessed the room by playing pokies for three days and levelling up in the accessed meter. I didn’t approach the booster way to enter the high-limit room.

My overall experience was good, as I won the pokies that I played and earned millions of free coins to play more.


What can I do at the High Limit Room?

You can play 2x Jackpots, spin the High Limit Wheel and play new pokies first.

How to enter the High Limit Room at Double Down Casino?

You can do so by booster or playing pokies for three days and levelling the access meter.

What is a VIP race?

 The VIP Race is an exclusive competition for high rollers only.  

What is Mega Bucks Room?

It is the room where you can access Mega Bucks pokies to play.

Can I play Double Down Casino on my iPhone?

Yes, you can. They have a double-down casino app for both Android and iPhone.

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