Hellboy Pokie Review


The Hellboy franchise has been around for around two decades and has spun a few motion pictures and a lot more comic books. Hellboy is not your ordinary comic book hero, but he is one none the less. This theme makes for a very exciting and alluring pokie game. The Hellboy pokie from Microgaming  is full of fun graphics, free spins, scatter symbols and wild symbols to add the potential of winning combinations.

The Features

If you are familiar with the Hellboy franchise than you will come across characters like Professor Bruttenholm, Liz, Krauss, the Right Hand of Doom and of course Hellboy himself. Hellboy is the wild symbol and can be substituted for all others.

When the wild symbol is used in a winning combination than the winnings are multiplied by 2. Three wilds on the reels will trigger free spins and the wilds will remain in place on the reels during the free spins to enhance the opportunity of a winning combination. There are several bonus features found in the Hellboy pokie as well.

How To Play The Game

Hellboy is a 5 reel, 20 payline pokie. The gamer can wager anywhere from a penny to $50 on each spin. This pokie is designed to satisfy gamers from every wagering walk of life. It is great for those who like to bet low and play it safe or for the high roller who is willing to bet it all.

The gamer will spin the reels in an attempt to spin up winning combinations. The reels have many of the famous characters from the Hellboy franchise, but also have the 5 highest cards in the poker deck.

Through the use of free spins, the scatter symbols, and wild symbols the player can improve their chances of spinning up big winnings that could include the highest jackpot of $25,000.

The Bonus

If the gamer can spin up three or more of the Right Hand of Doom symbols they will trigger one of the Hellboy bonus features called the Underworld Bonus. The gamer must choose a single tunnel from five possibilities. Depending on which tunnel they choose several things could occur:

  • They could find a monster that will deliver a bonus and take the gamer on to a new level.


  • One of Hellboy’s friends could present some winnings along with any other prizes to be found on that level while the gamer is led through doors to the next level.


  • The gamer could find a message that says BLOCKED, which will end the bonus round, but the player will still keep any winnings they had built up to that point.

The goal is to reach the Chamber of Fire where the gamer will have the opportunity to cash in on the maximum jackpot.


The Hellboy pokie offers up a gritty theme enhanced by appropriate graphics and music. This pokie can be alluring to more than just Hellboy fans. The opportunities to win are ever present and the pokie is simply fun to play.

You can enjoy this pokie on your favorite mobile gaming device today.