halloweenies pokies mobile

Let’s play some Halloweenies on our Mobile phones

Halloweenies is a Halloween trick or treating 5 reels, 20 paylines poker machine that will have the free spins piling up and the dough mounting that players can snatch.

Microgaming enjoys making there games of chance fun and exciting at mobile casinos for players. The Halloweenies app only takes a few short seconds to get things spinning thanks to the easy of only requiring a few taps on the mobile screen.

Download it from a reliable source

Not all mobile casinos offer the same games for everyone to play. So it might be a little challenging locating this one. Rather then be challenged searching just think Royal Vegas Casino for locating the proper app.

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How the Halloweenies pokie machine is played

Many people love the thought of Halloween and dressing up while receiving candy. What better way of letting players enjoy the time of year all year long then with this happy pokie. Microgaming has succeeded in capturing the experience players enjoy at the casino and bringing it to their mobile phones. The featured theme of Halloweenies is Halloween for the mode of play.

There will be a variety of different items appearing on this pokie. Some things will be evil spirits, the pink rabbit, orange pumpkins, mean witch, soft and hard candies, and Frankenstein. Halloweenies mobile phone game will let players pick from two different methods of playing. Even though this is not a progressive machine when the pink bunny comes hopping along players will jump with joy.

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The Wheel of Fortune Halloweenies Mobile game

Halloween is a spooky time of year, is this pokie spooky too? The pokie is far from being spooky in fact players find themselves laughing while playing. There is a bonus game offered called Pick a Pumpkin. If players can pick the proper one there could be a ton of cash lurking behind it. Players have the opportunity of winning often since the pots are not really big on the pokie.

Halloweenies keeps the gaming circuits talking about the cute graphics that are spinning around. There is no getting rich over night, but there is plenty to claim while being lost in the moment. Never get so caught up in winning that the focus of having fun is lost. There is a free mode that does not involve playing for money. Start chewing up the candy today by clicking the download link.

—> Download Halloweenies jackpot pokie in your mobile today