Google Pixel Has Taken the Industry Hostage

Google has finally made their foray into smartphones, & the Pixel holds its ground against the competition. This new model has all the premium features we would expect from a high end phone. Unfortunately this also includes the same price as a new iPhone or Galaxy S7.

To Google’s credit, the Pixel is well worth the price. It matches or beats the competition in every major field. The Google Pixel is incredibly powerful, has a great camera & a vibrant battery life. Another huge point in its favor is the rugged debut of the Google Assistant. This groundbreaking feature is paving the way for everyone to have their own personal sidekick. Love it or hate it, Google is officially part of the smartphone industry.

The Pros & Cons of the Google Pixel

google pixel

Google is taking the smartphone industry by storm.

Look out Android carriers, Google is ready to show us how a real Android smartphone is made. Even though Android phones dominate the market share, many people are reluctant to give up their iPhones. This is due to the fact that many Android models feel a bit compromised. It’s no secret that Android phones have their flaws. Since so many carriers are making their own tweaks to the same basic software, they lack a since of fluidity. Now the makers of the software are stepping in & taking the industry by storm.

The Google Pixel is everything you would expect from a high end smartphone. Even though this phone was manufactured by HTC, Google designed the entire phone. They went to great lengths to make this phone stand out by making your favorite phone more powerful. Unfortunately, every vision comes with a price.

If you are looking for a bargain phone, the Google Pixel is not for you. Their phones match the prices of the iPhone 7 & Galaxy S7. Currently the Pixel is available in two models, the $649 32GB Pixel & the $869 128GB Pixel XL. These striking prices are no accident, the Google Pixel easily matches the quality of both major competitors.

google pixel

Any Apple users will immediately get deja vu.

When you pick up the Google Pixel, you will instantly be reminded of the iPhone. The 32GB Google Pixel has a 5 inch screen, while the 128GB Pixel XL has a 5.5 inch screen. While they have different sizes, they both have the same combination of metal & glass. On the front you are greeted with the unmistakable bezel on the bottom. While the back has a glass shade on the top third of the phone. The Pixel also has a subtle wedge shape that helps the camera blend into the frame. The fingerprint sensor is also on the back, which is a blessing & a curse depending on who you ask. All in all this looks like a hijacked iPhone.

Even though the aesthetics are nothing new, the specs are where the Pixel shines. Both models are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, have 4 gigs of RAM & hypnotic OLED screens. The last feature is incredibly important since Daydream VR will get released soon. The pixels are also lightning fast, making the phone noticeably faster than the Galaxy S7. Both batteries are well equipped to handle a full day of heavy use. With the Pixel XL showing a vastly improved battery life to its counter-part.

Another wildly impressive feature is the camera. The rear camera harnesses 12.3 megapixels with an f2.0 lens. This bad boy has two focusing options, phase detect & laser auto focus. Even though Google has proclaimed this to be the “best smartphone camera anyone has ever made”, it’s still a matter of preference. The iPhone 7 & Samsung Galaxy S7 both held their weight against the phone. But this was still an impressive feat since Google got things right on the first try.

Despite all these good features, the show stopper was supposed to be the Google Assistant. This feature allows you to ask any question & have it answered with Google’s plethora of knowledge. While this is a helpful feature, it still needs a little improvement before it can start to steal Apple’s fans. There are still a few integration kinks that need to be sorted out.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to ignore the quality of the Google Pixel. It’s a mighty Android phone that has all the high end features of its counterparts. Unfortunately it isn’t waterproof, & doesn’t have the same amount of clout in the cellphone industry as Apple or Samsung. But as long as these phones don’t start randomly catching on fire Google has officially transitioned into the industry.