How to Get Word Radars to Win Big on Mobile

Word Radar
How to get Word Radars and use them to Win Big with your Mobile?

If you love to play word games the Words with friends app then now has added the Word Radar power-up which allows you to see where on the board you can place potential words using your current rack. This helps new players compete against the likes of the elite and enables those with a full arsenal of powerups to crush their power-up-less opponents without remorse.

Get Word Radars to Win Big

There are three ways to get Word Radars in Words with Friends. First, you can possibly get one by claiming the daily reward. To claim your daily bonus, go to the “Games” tab, then tap on “Rewards” at the top. On the drop-down, tap on “Claim,” then tap on the box to reveal your bonus items for the day. Mostly, you get coins, but occasionally, you’ll get a Word Radar, as well as other powerups.

The other way is you can possibly earn them by playing the Solo Challenge. You can find this option in the carousel at the top of the “Games” tab, or if you’re currently playing a Solo Challenge, the next word master in the challenge will be listed under Your Move with the rest of the games you have turns in. After completing certain rungs in the current Solo Challenge available, you will earn a mystery box filled with coins and powerups that could include a Word Radar.

How to get free coins daily

Also, you can “buy” Word Radars using coins in the “Store” tab. You can get free coins daily using the Rewards feature, and you can earn them by completing games and Solo Challenges, as well as inviting new friends to play Words with Friends. Alternatively, you can also buy coins with real money if you can’t wait. The cheapest coin package is AU$1.49, which will give you enough coins to get two Word Radars.

Word Radar – Word Game

How to get Word Radars and use them to Win Big with your Mobile?
How to get Word Radars and use them to Win Big with your Mobile?

If you don’t see any of these options, you are either running an older version of Words with Friends or try updating to Words with Friends 2 on Android or iPhone or the feature hasn’t rolled out to you yet. If you can use Word Radars, remember that not everyone you’re playing can.

How to play with a Word Radar?

How to play with word radar
How to play with word radar

When you have some Word Radars to play around with, you can try one out in one of your games whenever you’re having a hard time finding the best-scoring word. So whenever you’re having a hard time coming up with a good move or anymore just tap on the Word Radar icon -the green symbol. Afterwards, parts of the board will be highlighted green, which shows you where you can place letters.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of green on the board, but what does it all mean when it comes to finding the best word you can play? You need to analyze where you can put letters on the board. Figuring out how long words can be is the foremost strategy when using Word Radar since you might be able to spot somewhere to place a 7-letter or longer word for bonus points when you use all of your tiles in one go.

Though the green doesn’t necessarily help very much on the right side, the green on the other parts of the board does help you to realize that the right side is the place to be.

Using Hindsight to Learn New Words

How to play with word radar- Play your way
How to play with word radar- Play your way

If you want to get better at playing Words with Friends and not just cheat your way to the top of the standings, you’ll want to know what you could have played for more points, so tap on the blue “Hindsight” icon (if you have any available) to see the best word you missed out on.

To use Word Radars on a better side to earn some wins then always use the Word Strength meter first. If you’re near the top of the strength meter, you probably don’t need to waste a Word Radar.

If you do use a Word Radar, use the Word Strength meter to gauge if you’re on the right track to finding the best word. Also, don’t use a Word Radar if you’re the very first player unless you think you might have a 7-letter word you can play and want to be sure so you don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out.

Word Radar Boost

Word Radar boost
Word Radar boost

Use a Word Radar if you think you can get bonus points for a word 7+ letters long but can’t find it yourself. Using a Swap+ powerup after a Word Radar will remove the Word Radar. You might need to use up another Word Radar if you didn’t get the letters you were expecting since the original one you played won’t apply anymore since you have new letters.

Words with friends app – Play solo

Words with friends app- Play solo
Words with friends app- Play solo

Also look for all possible plays before using a Word Radar, particularly long words where you can use all of your letters, parallel words where you can score big by playing multiple words at once, and premium tiles where you can score two, three, four, and sometimes even nine times your base word score. Don’t use Word Radars in every game aside from in solo play. Use them sparingly, otherwise, you’ll rely too much on them and your word skills will only get worse.


Note that Word Radars are available for use in Solo Challenges, Practice Mode, and one-on-one games with other players, but not in Lightning Rounds. Also while playing this awesome word game play to learn and have fun creating new words as well as be friendly to other players who either may not like playing with powerups or don’t have access to them. But when you play solo use them up, as this will make you acquire and use more skills to get the right words. The Word With Friends 2-Word Game By Zynga Inc. is available at app stores free to download on your Android mobile or iOS iPhone or tablet.

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