Get Inspired by the Biggest Progressive Pokies Jackpots

Even though it’s easier to get hit by lightning than win a multi-million-dollar progressive jackpot doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Every year, a few lucky punters strike it rich on their favorite games. Instead of sticking to traditional games, these punters decided to try their luck with progressive pokies machines. While they pay out considerably less than their counterparts, progressive pokies have a certain allure. Their wins are larger than life, since they are fueled by all the previous losses. Every time someone plays and losses, a portion of the cash they spent goes towards augmenting the jackpot.

Overtime progressive pokies machines accumulate jackpots that are absolutely staggering. For this reason, when punters hit the jackpot they are instantly made millionaires. These impressive victories are too sensational to ignore, since they embody the dream of any ambitious punter.

Hitting these jackpots is so rare that it’s easy to think that these wins don’t exist. Even though it’s foolish to plan on winning, automatically ruling it as impossible is just as tragic. For this reason, we compiled a list of the biggest progressive pokies jackpots ever won. They are so large that they can inspire anyone to hit the casino, so encourage your inner-punter with this article!

Biggest Pokies Jackpots of All-Time

Pokies Jackpots

What are the odds of winning twice?

Pokies Jackpot #3: $27.5 Million – When a retired flight attendant entered the Palace Station in Las Vegas, she only planned on spending $100. She was 67 years old, and had already won big in the past. A few years earlier, she hit a $680,000 jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the same casino. This jackpot peaked her curiosity, so she tried the Megabucks machine at the Palace Station on November 15th, 1998.

When she exceeded the amount of money she planned on spending, something kept her playing. Whether it was intuition or pure luck, no one knows. The only thing completely certain is the fact that $300 into the game, she hit a staggering jackpot. The Megabucks machine awarded her $27.5 million, which ended up making history. It was the first time that a Megabucks had surpassed $20 million, and it assured that she was set for life.

Pokies Jackpots

This woman’s luck came to a dramatic end.

Pokies Jackpot #2: $34.9 Million – This victory is just as tragic as it is inspiring. When 37-year-old waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan hit a Megabucks jackpot on January 26th, 2000, she assumed that her problems were over. Unfortunately, even the $34,955,489.56 victory couldn’t save her from fate. Just six weeks after hitting the jackpot, a habitual drunk driver slammed into the back of her car. The crash killed Cynthia’s sister and left her paralyzed. This tragedy fueled the urban legend that bad things happen to punters who win large jackpots.

Pokies Jackpots

This staggering victory turned one software engineer into a tycoon.

Pokies Jackpot #1: $39.7 Million – Even though the chance of winning was one in 16.7 million, one techie beat the odds. On March 21st, 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer made history at the Excalibur. After investing $100 in the Megabucks slot machine, he won the largest jackpot in Las Vegas History. In total he won $39,710,826.36, so it’s not surprising that he chose to stay anonymous. It’s the biggest pokies victory to date, but it’s only a matter of time before someone outdoes it.