Get Inspiration From the Industry’s Most Profitable Apps

Apps have evolved into a thriving industry, so it’s no surprise that some releases generate massive amounts of cash. These larger than life apps have taken advantage of being at the right place at the right time. The app industry is booming, & it’s on track to double by 2020. Market researchers predict that the app economy will reach $101 billion in the next few years. This staggering growth can’t be ignored, & more investors are jumping onboard every quarter.

Getting a piece of the action is as simple as creating the next big app, so developers are scrambling. The app economy has impressive potential for profits, & this is extremely evident with the success of some apps. Examining the huge profits generated by the top apps is the only way to predict where this market is going. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most profitable apps ever made. With programs featuring this amount of revenue, the sky is the limit for the app industry. Discover which apps rake in the most money in the world!

3 of the Most Profitable Apps Ever Made

Profitable Apps

This game enjoys a hefty slice of revenue.

Profitable App #3: Game of War – Fire Age (IOS) – This epic release has taken the App Store by storm. Over the last few years, this app’s cult following has helped it grow into a household name. Now millions of people from around the world are getting a piece of the action with this vivid strategy game. These droves of bright eyed players have been won over by this app’s unbeatable level of entertainment. It instantly lures in players with its hypnotic gameplay.

Combat has never been this appealing, & it doesn’t get more profitable than this innovative app. Every month Game of War generates a staggering $11 million a month. This puts their annual revenue at $132 million, making this one of the most profitable war apps ever created. Get a piece of the action with this adrenaline packed strategy game!

profitable apps

The music industry still has hope!

Profitable App #2: Spotify Music (IOS) – As the battle for the best music app rages on, the numbers don’t lie. It’s no secret that Pandora has tried to dethrone Spotify. Even though the fans are divided, the statistics show a clear winner. While Pandora made a valiant attempt, their revenue pales in comparison to Spotify.

They only make $1.02 million a month, while Spotify easily surpasses $7.71 million in monthly revenue. This may seem like a shocking disparity, since these numbers aren’t even close. But after comparing their catalogues, it’s not a mystery why more users pick Spotify. The song app hosts 30 million songs, which easily trumps the million songs offered by Pandora. Get access to unlimited music with this indispensable app!

profitable apps

This strategy game took over the industry!

Profitable App #1: Clash of Clans – Unsurprisingly, the top grossing app is based around war. There are a lot of strategy games available, but none have the same level of influence as Clash of Clans. This game has skyrocketed in popularity, making it the most profitable app in the world. The game generates $12.3 million a month, which puts their annual income at $147.6 million. These larger than life numbers have cemented this game as a classic, so experience their legacy first hand!