How to get $8 SIM only Brisbane Telco Moose Mobile Plan?

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is a relatively new telecom mobile phone and SIM provider offering no contract SIM only plans with unlimited calls/texts in Brisbane Australia. All you need to do is choose the data that suits your needs as their plans run on the Optus network so you should be able to get good coverage in most major areas.

The company was established by some telco veterans who have been working in phone company retail for some time now. They’re an MVNO, a network reseller who provide access to the Optus 3G and 4G networks. 

Recently Moose Mobile has released a budget mobile phone plan for AU$8 a month which is designed for low-use consumers. This new SIM-only plan provides 200 minutes of standard national calls, unlimited national and international text and 500MB of 4G mobile data. The plan uses the Optus 4G Plus network. Moose Mobile offers budget month-to-month mobile plans spanning from the $8 tier through $14 and $19-a-month offers up to a $49 plan, which includes unlimited local calls, unlimited texts and 30GB data on the Optus 3G Plus network.

How to get $8 per month plan with Moose Mobile?

Moose Mobile $8 plan

In $8 per month plan you get 500 MB of data with 200 minutes calls (Aus Mobile and landline  plus 13/1300 and 1800 numbers). Also get unlimited SMS and MMS (all Aus and International numbers from Australia); Get unlimited Voicemail. Remember this plan works with Optus 3G/4G plus mobile

To get this plan simply get registered with Moose and sign up

Then select the SIM only plan of $8

Your order will then be processed and your new SIM sent out to you.

Also you can also sign up over the phone by calling Moose Mobile on 1300 566 673 (Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm AEST, Saturday:10am to 6pm AEST, Sunday: closed).

Moose Mobile- Register for $8 plan

You can keep your existing number when transferring to a Moose Mobile plan. Simply tell your mobile number and the name of your current service provider during the sign up process to get started. Importantly, the transfer of your mobile number to Moose will only take place once you have received your new SIM card.

Also you need not cancel your current mobile service before you transfer your number with Moose. The transfer will only work if your service is currently active.

Only once you have received your new Moose SIM card can you put in a request online or over the phone to have it connected. If the information you provide is correct and you are keeping an existing number then this process will take 4 to 12 hours. Your old SIM card will remain active until your new Moose SIM activates. When this happens your old SIM will stop working and your new Moose SIM will start working.

Once your service has been transferred across make sure to reboot your device with the Moose SIM card inserted in order to refresh the network settings. If you have requested a new number then this process will take about 1 to 4 hours after your activation request has been received.

Moose Mobile offers a SIM card to cater for all handset models on their SIM only plans. It will send you a triple punch SIM, which is a Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM card rolled into one. But you need to  find out which kind of SIM card your phone requires. If you’re still unsure which SIM card you require, refer to your handset instruction manual, or give them a quick call on 1300 566 673.

Once you get the plan Moose will send your monthly account via the email you used to sign up. You can also opt to receive a paper bill in the mail, but this will incur an additional charge of $2.50 each month.

You can even register yourself with Moose App by downloading it free from iTunes for iOS phone or from Google Play for Android and get $8 SIM monthly plan.

Moose Mobile App

By default Moose will use the credit/debit card you used during the sign up process to automatically direct debit your bill amount when it is due. You can also opt to use Bpay or Australia Post’s Bill Pay. If you choose to use these methods then payment must be received prior to the due date, otherwise your direct debit will be processed at an additional charges os $2.50 for Australia Post Bill Pay and $1.00 for Bpay.

Your monthly invoice from Moose Mobile is due 3 days after the issue date. Importantly, if you receive your bill via email then it will be delivered on the date of issue, while a paper bill may take a number of days to reach you.

Note this is Sim only month to month plans with no lock in contracts.