Find What Future Mobile Plans are Coming to Australia?

Future mobile plans in Australia

It’s very simple to know the future mobile plans in Australia. Just visit the various telcos’ websites or at the store and find out their latest mobile plans on offer as well as any future plans they have for your mobile. Despite being dominated in the past, this telecom company is now offering better value than ever before. It is all due to its merger with TPG. It is all quite worth checking out for sure! 

Future Mobile Plans

This company has a 5G network in Australia. This company is considered more infant than Telstra and Optus. But checking out the telco’s latest information regarding coverage is a must. As you would be in one of the areas that are already receiving it.

The family mobile plans

The family mobile plans

In the US, mobile phone carriers such as T-Mobile offer family plans. In which you get four mobile phone numbers, unlimited talk, text and data. You also get overseas text and data, mobile hotspot data and even a Netflix subscription. All these for around $US40 per family member.

Such simple plans of the US are what will be the future mobile plans of Australia. Families are the single biggest force driving Australia’s telecommunications market and phone companies offer plans as per the family segment. The challenge they have as an industry is to take their plans to that simple level” that families get in the US.

Telcos in Australia and their plans

Telstra Australia

Here are the family plans of big telecom companies

1. ALDI Mobile

ALDI Mobile offers three family plans at $45 for 40GB and two users, $80 for 80GB and four users and $110 for 120GB and six users.

2. Vodafone

For Australia’s premium telco Vodafone, you can enjoy the data-sharing system, which is almost the same as Telstra’s with one key difference – with Vodafone, you get discounts for multiple services on one account.

Here’s every package and Save discount through Vodafone:

  • 2 plans: 5% off each plan
  • 3 plans: 10% discount on each plan
  • 4 plans: 15% off each plan
  • 5 or more plans: 20% off each plan

3. Testra

Telstra’s latest range of Upfront SIM plans all offer data sharing. You have to sign up for a big data plan and various cheaper plans to access one repository of data. Say one family member signs up for the 80GB $65 Medium Upfront plan and two others sign up for the 40GB $55 Upfront plan. That gives you 160GB to share with all the family members for $175 per month in total. Although it is not cheap Telstra still charges a premium for its market-leading network coverage.

Optus Mobile

4. Belong Mobile data sharing

Just like its competitors telco Telstra, Belong also offers data sharing to all its SIM-only customers.

Using this, users get unlimited data banking. It includes gifted data. So, theoretically, if one member in the family didn’t use much data at all, they could either send it to another family member or keep it for a rainy day.

You can gift the data to anyone on the Belong network (not just those on eligible plans), and any data you get can store for later use.

What does the Aussie demand?

Are Australians demanding such changes in future mobile plans is a debatable issue? The centrepiece of the US-style family plans, unlimited data for the whole family, might not be worth the extra cost, some experts argue.

The most popular mobile phone plans comparison site found in a survey that only 9 per cent of Australian mobile users regularly exceed their monthly mobile data limit, despite the fact that 79 per cent of consumers have limits of 10 gigabytes a month or less.

According to Finder’s Alex Kidman, if you are spending $40 per month and rarely going over your 6GB data allowance, it’s hard to justify $60 per month for peace of mind. Still, unlimited data plans may “have some appeal to users who have been stung for years with excess usage charges,” he said.

Another popular site Whistleout publisher Joe Hanlon, publisher said that avoiding bill shock, rather than using more data, is the whole point of unlimited plans. “People have been asking whether we need unlimited data in phone plans, but I think this is really missing the point,” he said.

WhistleOut runs its phone-plan comparison website in the US, as well as Australia, and in the US the bundling of unlimited data with multiple phone lines to create family plans with no bill shock has become a “cornerstone” of the phone industry, he said.

Aussie telcos have started using multi-line discounts, or family plans, to encourage households to sign up for phone plans together as it works overseas in the US. These are the future plans going to work in Australia also.

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